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SO CUTE (also inspired for something that I will upload in after I trace and color it)
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Oh God adorable!!!
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This blew my mind such an artist!
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They are so cute!!!
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Estaba buscando libros de chibis y encontré esto… no tengo cuenta de amazon y no sé cómo pedir que lo retiren... No es la primera vez que usan esta imagen sin permiso por lo que veo en los comentarios Angry emote test1 (dudo que el autor sea la misma persona que encargó el dibujo, no da créditos ni lo es borraré el comentario).
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Por dios, otra vez el mismo libro con el mismo dibujo (=A=;;; Voy a reportarlo. Muchas gracias por el aviso.
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They're adorable. The colors are so bright in love 
Can I ask you a question; how can you send the commissions once made? for me is a doubtMaka Blush Icon  ... Thanks in advance ^. ^
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Thank you! I send the files in JPG/PNG/PSD (whatever format my commissioners prefer) in their original size (bigger than I upload them). I usually upload them to Dropbox and give the link to my commissioners, then remove them after a while.
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Thank you for answering. You were very kind ^. ^ :hug:
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so kawaii! love the bunny! .:aww lover:. Bear Emoji-07 (Uh-huh) [V1] Beating Heart Emote (Free to Use) 
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Omg This is so ADORABLE!!! MY sister is a fan of deers and puppies and I LOVE bunnies so this was something we fell in love with!
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what is the price? 
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The link to my commission journal with all prices and information is in the description.
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I wuv it so much :3 Good job <3
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I'm afraid your art has been stolen…
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Hello! Just so you know there is a user on the windows app didlr using tracing you art. Their user is 🍩mariona🍩
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Uu, do you have a link I can check? Thanks for letting me know (>_<)
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Thank you very much for the link! It seems to be an app to trace art, isn't it? *sigh* I guess it can't be helped... at least she's tracing the character as she is instead of turning her into another character, so I'm glad for commissioner's part (it's still her character being drawn). That's the part that makes me worry the most when people trace my art lately, that they will change the character, because it's very unfair for my commissioners ( . - . )
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It's an app for tracing??? Wow, that's really sad wow. An art app that encourages people to trace wow. But yeah, no problem! I really admire you art so much and i really had to let you know!
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Hamtaro Mouse Emoji-02 (Kawaii) [V1] Hamtaro Mouse Emoji-02 (Kawaii) [V1] Hamtaro Mouse Emoji-02 (Kawaii) [V1] 
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