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Casual Ritsuka

Trying out brushes in Procreate for iPad Pro :heart: Ritsuka is my muse (laughs).

The speedpaint video of this pic will be one of the rewards for my $5 and $6 Patrons:
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I with the author would come off hiatus.
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Same (T_T)
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What a cute Ritsuka.
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Oh how nice! Yes I say this is quite impressive^^ I do would like to see more of this^^ I truly do~
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He looks so cute!!! I love his pose and the colors! :love: fav ^^
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que hermositooo!!! :iconkissingplz:
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Awww, I love Ritsuka! He's kinda pretty in that slender, girly way. XD
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Aaaahhhh, so cute!
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ahhhhhhh es una super monada!
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this is so cute i love ritsuka. 
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crying about loveless fanart
he looks super super cute aaah/// can i ask what brushes you used to shade the clothing if it isn't too much trouble? i'm also experimenting with procreate lately and always on the lookout for nice shading brushes (haven't found one i'm crazy about yet) !
anyway, beautiful art and happy to see ritsuka!!
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Let's see if I can explain this, because I have it in Spanish ;;; The folder is called Pintura in Spanish (Paint?), it's the third one starting from above, I think. The brush is called "pincel redondo" (round brush?), and it's the first one inside that folder.

I just saw you can buy more brushes online, so I will be giving those a try too :heart:
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ahh okay i got it! aaah thank you so so much for getting back to me :,)

yes yes and i've seen a lot of free brush sets online too, it's really useful^^ 
thank you again!
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Ooooooh Loveless!!!
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