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Comic response to 'Perks of Being an Alicorn' by :iconjoeywaggoner:

This has been sat in my St.ash for quite a while (more than a year) but has been incredibly popular so am submitting properly on request.

Edit: Awwhat, submitting lost all the comments that were in the stashed version? DA pls. Sorry guys.
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:iconrdplz: "We warned her not to do that."
:iconfluttershyplz: "But she wouldn't listen."
now she is a chicken. 
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:iconscootalooplz: "Maybe people will stop calling ME one, now!"
"...poor scootachicken."
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pats her head then feeds her chicken food
goldorakx69's avatar
twilight will not do this!
Karma- curse of chicken wings and flightlessness 
nightshadowmlp's avatar
Major investor? Oh really... who can THAT be? *cough cough* Twilight Sparkle *cough cough*
InLucidReverie's avatar
That certainly is the joke
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or use aj's chickens
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can't you grow more? you always do
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Oh, look all the bronies and Pegasisters are happy! finally she's not a alicorn anymore :D!!

(Just Kidding I love Alicorn Twilight xD)
Nice Comic Sequel btw. :meow:
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I can at last add this to my favorites!

Sorry it took so long for me to comment, but this is really funny. XD

Thank you for making this sequel comic.
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hehe, I just loved the original and couldn't resist putting my idea on page
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I'm sure she'll find a feather-growth spell in short order, and then ink and paper summoning spells, and then she'll be writing by magic, with magic, on magic, using magic.
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I perish the thought that Twilight might be smart enough to realize she could just use her magic to instantly re-feather herself. :) Twilight Sparkle ''THE PICNIC!'' icon 
Now suddenly Pinkie Pie isn't the only pony that likes to dress up as a chicken. Pinkie Pie EyeFlutter 
Well, Davenport can spend his time with the former owner of the bookstore. You know, the one that went out of business after the Princess of Friendship realized she could use her princessly authority to not pay for books.
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*looks at wings* *pukes* *says "why" 10 ties* *pukes some more* ALL DONE XD
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she  looks like a chicken with those featherless wings!!! X3
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