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Grow Into It
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Published: September 20, 2015
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Young horses
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If you drink lots of milk you will grow tall.
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Celestia: If you eat all your veggies little one, you could become as tall as me!
Luna: Huh? And having a butt big like your? No thanks! I prefer cakes.
C: W-what makes you think that eating only cakes would make you look better?
L: You tell me. I'm just a foal.
C: W-well... Eating cakes contains lot of sur-, er, energy.... and calories and they go...
L: In your butt?
C: Uh.... y-yeah. Something like that.
L: So.... if I eat veggies instead of cakes, I won't get fat and grow as tall as you?
C: Precisely.
L: Then, why you eat more cakes than veggies? Is it because you ate too much veggies and now you need to eat cakes because you lack of energy?
C: Uh...
L: Or maybe you you want me to eat all the veggies so I would not eat your cakes?
C: N-n-no no no.... *deep breath* You see... As a old pony...
L: How old are you?
C: Not now.
L: How old are you?!
C: *sigh* It is not nice to ask a mare for her ag-
C: .... I.... I.... *sigh* I'm old enough to rule Equestria.
L: You are that old?
C: *nods*
L: Do you still grow up?
C: Uh, no. Why?
L: So, why are you still eating veggies? Aren't you tall enough?
C: Well, it is for staying healthy. Even at my age.
L: Wait! Mom said we were immortals. Then, why are we eating healthy if we can't die?
C: .....
L: Why?
C: *sigh* So our subjects won't consider us a big cake eaters who only think as their next sugary rush!
L: Oh! Now, that explains why you are eating them in your bedroom. But how come your butt got big-
C: You know what? Let's eat that huge cake they put in the royal freezer together!
L: YAY!!
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SilviaStarlight5|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I'm with her, where is her horn?
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I did actually fix it, but DA bugged out and didn't update the image v:
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SilviaStarlight5|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Oh, Ok Thanks
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Where is Celestia's horn?
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That is a good question. How have I never noticed this...
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SoMaFan12|Student General Artist
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