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Xmas/ Yule/ Hannukah/ Midwinter cards now printed and ready for purchase. I'll work out how to sell them here or on Ebay asap. In the meantime, if there are any kinky stalls around who would like some new stock - we can come to a deal.

Seven designs so far: 3 biker, 3 kinky, one BFS. And the kitten. Oh, and the penguins.
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I haven't finished with summer yet, and it still perfectly good camping weather, but already the plans for autumn are rolling in. Life drawing classes, Samhuinn, prints for the xmas/yule markets, and now the need for costume. Torture Garden is returning to central Scotland! I am as always torn between just going naked painted in stripes (much like last time really) or creating an armour of layers in rubber and metal (like the steampunk (18th corset). Hmm, decisions. The dressmaker's dummy is draped in some pretty strange fabrics, the bathroom cabinet is full of body paint, and I have a staple gun to hand. Which will win..?

Watch this space. If all else fails I'll have bondage bunnies to sketch, and I'll give costume designs to those in need of a ballgown.
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Located all old illustrations by tipping the contents of every shelf and folder onto the bed and following the landslide onto the floor. I've now found and scanned in most of the old angel illustrations, and a few other sketches I'd forgotten I ever doodled. Ths is good background pottering to the big paintings and studio life studies.

Of course, this is also Chealsea Garden Show time of year so its hard to concentrate on anything but thoughts of plants, rocks, trees and designs for my own Chealsea garden. Should I ever be let loose with gardeners and architects of my own any year soon - and actually be allowed to enter - I'd probabaly not win a gold medal but it would surely be a talking point... I'd like to see Alan Titchmarsh and Lawrence Llewelyn Bowen ponder the merits of my garden er, furniture and rustic sculptures on lunchtime TV.
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I finally got round to doing this and sharing my drawings. I'm sitting here by the sea, the entire house vibrating and threatening to shake the laptop off my knee. Either the diggers are hard at work or an earthquake is about to flatten my abode. Unless its the latter, I'm planning to go ahead with some life studies as soon as I get some models. Its been far too long since I last did that. Sitting still and quietly isn't as easy as most imagine, though ropes should help.
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