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10 beneficial things artists should ask themselves
Here's 10 important questions to ask yourself. Read them constantly as a checklist to make sure your are heading in the right direction and using your artistic potential.
1. What motivates you to create art? Write down your answer and think about how you can use this very important information.
2. What kinds of information have you been putting on the internet? The internet is the new resume. If I can find dumb pics or comments from you then other people can too...
3. Does your art express something interesting? Great art means something to its viewers, not just its creator.
4. Does failure push you forward? How you deal with failure will determine how skillfull you will become.
5. Do you enjoy arguing or flaming people's work? If you are the type of person to hate on others, it will come back to you. Especially with the internet and all the social networking.
6. Do you try out new methods/materials/subjects that might be unconfortable at first? Success is inevitable if you always choo
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EDIT: HI THERE. IM CURRENTLY SERVING MILITARY TIME AND I WON'T BE AROUND. So thanks for stopping by anyway bb thx <3. I'll be back in roughly.... 2 years.

Hi my name is Chris. I hope to become a professional artist someday (whatever that means). I have no idea how to get there, join me in my journey.


Wow I have no idea this is a thing but bless it for being a thing. 
What’s up guys, hope everyone’s doing well.
It’s been 4 weeks since entering the SCS course and I recently just finished my 8 days of outfield training.
What is the SCS course you asked? It's a tough 5 month long course where cadets are trained to become section commanders.

During my outfield, it was tough and I found myself at my wits end many of times. Like, "Why am I doing this, I want to quit" kind of tough. 

The biggest highlight was our wanderer exercise, where our section was tasked with open field navigation without the aid of any Trainers. We had to walk a rough total of 12km while carrying heavy loads on our back. In our walk, my section sang theme songs from old cartoon shows. (Like spongebob haha) It helped keep motivation high and it was loads funny to scream lame songs at the top of our lungs.
Reaching the end, fatigue level was crazy high but so were our morale. 

Going through this (no matter how much I hated it), taught me a lot about pushing past my limits. I was surprised to find what my nerdy body build is able to withstand, carrying heavy loads and completing firemovements while under heavy fatigue. I also come to cherish all the simple things in life after living so long in the forest and away from civilizations haha. Warm tea is AMAZING, when you're freezing your ass off outfield. 

It'll be a long time before I get another chance to speak with y'all again. Till then, take care, cherish what you've got, and I hope you're doing what makes you happy. :) 

Photoshop tips: Undo keys as F1s and F2s
This one became a huge time saver for me. Using step forward and back allows me to quickly look back at my previous strokes and back to see if I like or not. If you don't fancy the F1 F2 keys as your binding, feel free to change them to your liking. Making what feels comfortable is soooo important especially if you plan to work inside photoshop for a looooong time. 

I hope this helps! Drop Ctrl alt Z and look for better alternatives! Your fingers will thank you for it. 
With all the practice practice practice study study study. It's great fun to just let loose on the canvas, not have any expectations and just observe what comes out of it. As a result: this piece happened! This idea was inspired from a feeling I had inside of me. Where I felt as of recent, art has become tedious to get into. And making art in that period felt like I literally had to pour my life energy out to create anything. It was, in a way, life sucking. Meta right. A lot of it I felt was me constraining myself to certain subjects or method of drawing, and not allowing the freedom of expression. 

So remember kiddos why you make art. And don't lose yourself in the process. 

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