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Sort of a continuation of [link]

Trotting through the Canterlot Ruins, Twilight looked around. She saw nothing but pain and destruction, the city a ghost of its former self. Fires burned in the windows, tarnishing once-prestigious establishments with soot and grime. Expensive wares burned just as readily as the buildings that housed them, millions of bits floating into the wind. The ground was overgrown with wild grass. The sky, forever tarnished with the darkness of the clouds, threatened every moment to pour down upon the poor mare's head.

But, ahead she pushed, her one goal clear: to find Shining Armor, to see if he was all right, and to leave with her BBBFF, no matter the price. Ponyville had been rocked just as hard as Canterlot, but the smaller town had a few survivors to its name, including her friends. Not without their injuries, they'd elected to stay behind and formulate a plan, but Twilight had insisted that she go to Canterlot to find her brother. And find him she-

Wait. What was that noise? Twilight looked cautiously at the corner of the brown building in the direction that the noise had come from, and shakily called out.

"Hello? Is anyone there?"

Movement. She saw movement. Swiftly, she galloped to the street corner and turned, hoping to find a friendly face amongst all this chaos.


Bullets whizzed by her head, almost taking off her other ear. She quickly ducked, dodging another stray round, and pulled the rifle from her back with her magic, lining up a shot...

So much for friendliness...

Again, I suck at them there stories! D: Should I continue this story line?
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So much doom and gloom :p