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Kikimora (rus. Кикимора) — perhaps one of the most popular representative of the demons in russian folklore, one of the household spirits. All the "unholy" children — the ones who died before baptism, cursed by their parents, freaks — were believed to become kikimoras after death. They used to inhabit houses which would be considered unclean as well, being built upon graves or hexed. Kikimora was often pictured as an exceptionally ugly woman or girl, funny and sloppy, resembling somewhat of a pig, a dog or a duck. Being an obviously evil spirit, kikimora always created troubles in the house and loved pranking, but she could get nicer if given presents. However, sometimes kikimora would help hardworking women with their chores. 
P.S. I should mention that there are loads of very controversial facts about kikimora, and if you happen to find them somewhere, keep in mind that this description is picturing only one of the many sides of the character, the one I find nearer to the original. 

Кикимора — пожалуй, самый популярный представитель нечисти в русском фольклоре, один из домашних духов. Кикиморами становились "нечистые" дети — умершие до крещения, проклятые родителями, уродцы; место жительства выбирали соответствующее — дома над захоронениями или же с наведенной порчей. Выглядела кикимора зачастую как безобразная женщина или девушка, смешная и неряшливая, напоминающая не то свинью, не то собаку, не то утку. Будучи заведомо недобрым духом, кикимора неизменно занималась мелким членовредительством, но ее, однако, можно было задобрить подношениями или отпугнуть можжевельником. Правда, порой кикимора могла и помочь трудолюбивым хозяйкам по дому.
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I have always thought that kikimora is a swamp creature.