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"The dead cricket seemed perfectly normal, unless it was secretly a zombie cricket that would rise from the dead and attack them in their sleep."

- sentence from my nanowrimo novel, which is on year 2 now and is about 130k words (which is my excuse for not posting more pictures).  and oh em gee, I need just four hundred more words to finish nanowrimo this time around. must go do that, then. :D

(edited - done! wheeeeeeee.  still need to write the ending, alas.)
I like cats. :D
Can I link images here?  Let's find out.

Exhibit a - Bane of My Existence:…

The above exhibit is why my webcomic died a terrible, agonizing, and painful death.  Inking.  Inking before scanning was hardly worth the effort.  Look at those lines in the middle!  They're hideous!  The lines on the right?  Inking after scanning, with a frikkin' intuos no less.  Should have been the ideal solution.  But no, for some reason I go to draw with the tablet and my pen doesn't go where my hand is telling it to.  This ain't no software problem.  The lines on the left are actually just the line tool, but consider them representing vector lines in general.  Visualize an obscene gesture in their general direction.  SLOW.  I don't have the patience to create, adjust, curve, add nodes, break apart, convert to line, convert to curve, etc. for every frikkin' line I draw.  Holy cow.  HATE.

Anyway.  The whole point of this rant was that as I was coloring "Djiani Falling" I kept noticing how _bad_ the lines looked.  Machall Ian McConville, how do you do it?  How?!  Do you go over every line in ps?  Am I just a total wimp?

Have gone back to freehand wacom inking in photoshop.  Man, it sucks.  But maybe if I practice enough....
I am terribly slow.  But that's okay; Deviantart's pretty slow, too. :D

'S funny how having all the right tools doesn't help you make art.
Have been busy.  Crisis of the faith and all that.  Or, I'd love to put up pretty art, but my standards are higher than my skills, so...

I'm working on stuff.  We'll see.
1. Take over world; blackmail the people behind the people behind the powers
2. Grow wings (Bat wings acceptable as long as they are covered in fur)
3. Take flying lessons (and landing lessons)
4. Explore what happens to the self after death and acquire concrete answers
5. Make a cup of tea
6. Make powerful yet whimsical allies to aid me in my schemes
7. Subvert potential spoilsports (heroes) and then kill them anyway
8. Procure large numbers of beautiful vintage dresses
9. Procure shoes, scarfs, and hats to match (gloves?)
10. Build a space ship and conquer distant galaxies; build magnificent palaces on each of them
Stars candy lampshade.