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Sober Gamzee Makara

A fan art of Gamzee from homestuck. yaa... looking back, sorry about the title replacing the G on gamzee with the capricorn sign, it worked so well replacing the n with the leo sign for nepeta that i thought it would work on this aswell, cant change it back sadly.... i will see how this plays out if it dosnt work i will see what i can do.
Also i drew a fan drawing of Bec Noir, Nepeta, and Terezi here is the link to see it.
Bec Noir- [link]
Nepeta- [link]
Terezi- [link]

please favorite, comment or share to others who might like my art.
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pecan-tart's avatar
Wow this is awesome. It also looks kinda like hollow ichigo from Bleach :P Ichigo Nyan Free Avatar 
zeldafanforever12's avatar
Look at my patron and his BADASS self! :3
yohoho4017's avatar
You captured Gamzee's entire creepy clown essence. I love it.
wolfclawgirl13's avatar
i like it the way it is. I think you should keep it that way. it is your design after all, so why not keep it the way you like it? hm?
XYwyvern's avatar
So awesome! sober gamzee you rule
TimeLady427's avatar
*Has hotness overload attack*

I do live me some insane men
greacer's avatar
Hes so cute how can something so cute be so full of hate and misunderstanding
InkVeil-Matter's avatar
i would definetly agree with you. though it might be weird for a guy like me to say hes cute. XD but the rest besides that, i agree.
greacer's avatar
Its not wired hun its normale to those who have taste in good looking trolls lol
TENstudio's avatar
He's so freaky. And he's aided the destruction of every session so far sense he was hatched. But... He's just... So... Cute and wuvvable! <3 I can't help but love Gamzee, no matter who he kills!
Taeyen's avatar
awesome! *_*
ZombieKitteh's avatar
This is cool :3 Maybe instead of the G it'd look better as a M? or maybe an A? I dunno but I htink it looks ok how it is ^-^
InkVeil-Matter's avatar
You are a genius. I should of taken that as a consideration.
ZombieKitteh's avatar
No I'm not really. x'D
AsailaEvernia's avatar
My patron troll is a very scary guy :iconimdeadplz:


This is really good!
InkVeil-Matter's avatar
Well I'm happy that you like it. :)
Rinie-Fan-oof-Wakfu's avatar
greacer's avatar
I just found out Gamzees my patron troll too i was all like what the cupcake
AsailaEvernia's avatar
I wish I had Karkat as my patron troll!! XDDD
Rinie-Fan-oof-Wakfu's avatar
I have Terezi as my Patron troll lol x3
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