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Nepeta Leijon

A fan art of Nepeta from homestuck. took me a week and im finally finish. I made this for a friend of mine :iconmikayyalinnaosuru:
who completely loves homestuck. also if you want to see my drawing else were ,visit my friend's tumblr or follow.
Also i drew a fan drawing of Bec Noir, Sober Gamzee, and terezi. here is the links to see them.
Bec Noir- [link]
Sober Gamzee- [link]
Terezi- [link]
please favorite, comment or share to others who might like my art.
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OMG. It's amazing!! <33. Really really well done. Shes my favourite character in homestuck. And you made it awesome~ :333
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No one to mess with...good work...
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Hello, but I'd like to point out that someone under the name of TrollyLUV has stolen your art. Perhaps you could settle the matter because unfortunately, I have been blocked by the user and by one of their watchers.
InkVeil-Matter's avatar
1. Have they claimed they drew it? 
2. Do people believe the person has drew it?
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They did state that the art was not theirs, but they didn't give credit to you or give a link to the original. There were 3 favorites the last time I checked, so it could be possible that there are people that drew it.
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*people that believed. Sorry, I'm on mobile right now, so I can't edit my comments.
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May I use this picture in a theme song video I'm attempting to make? If I use it I'll make sure to credit you and link back to this page.
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Thank you so much! I managed to get the first WIP up a couple of days ago, would you like a link?
nightflowersnfan's avatar…

Here you go! Sorry this took so long, I keep neglecting my DA for way too long
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Nice, but the perspective's all wrong on the claws. Her fingers are facing towards the viewer and a little up, but her claws are facing down.
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very old drawing. very old. I was young in terms of experience at the time I made this drawing.
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Truly, you have captured the essence of Nepeta. This is great art!
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That is awesome!! :D
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gog this is fantastic 
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Cute and deadly! You've captured Nepeta's essence in this pic! :D
This is an awesome pic, could use for an iphone case.
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oooo a cat. meow.
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Looks like nepeta, but the face looks like Kanaya. xD
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eep! It's beatiful! Such detail!!
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