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Sometimes... as the battle rages on... if you happen to stop for a moment... you can feel her sitting there. 
staring at you. 
Piercing you with her eyes. 


Her icy gaze scanning the field around you. 


Waiting for you to look away. 
Waiting for you to go on. 
Waiting for you to forget that you saw her. 
And for you to do your duty, as she knows you will. 

Always knowing. 
(First part here)

The deer ran past her, barely missing her, the arrow lightly grazing her shoulder, itching as it flew by, putting an annoying hole in her sleeve. 
It was the mistress of animals herself, the goddess of the hunt, Artemis. 

- Great aiming...
- Well you just suddenly appeared right in front of me...
- You really could call out you know... O sounding one...
- Never when stalking pray... And you just cost me a deer.

The two goddesses stared at each other for a while...

- Oh well... Have you seen Ares go by here, by any chance? 
- Yep. He cost me a huge stag. and probably ten more as he shouted at me for five minutes straight... You war gods really have a knack for landing on earth right in the middle of my hunt, don´t you...
- Well... he does anyway.... I am just chasing him... sorry about the deer by the way...
- Is he stirring up a massive blood bath again? 
- Oh yes... 
-... Great.... Good luck...
- Thank you.... I would offer to give you another deer, but I have a feeling you would like to hunt it down yourself...
- I will find another.... and I will see you soon...
- That you will. 
- Athena, you have to go. 

The grey eyed goddess stared at them, piercing them with her owl like gaze. 

- If you don´t go down there, we will have to send Ares. And we both know how that will end.

Another excruciating stare, before the daughter of Metis finally spoke.  

- Ares will go, whether you like him to or not. This will end in a bloodbath, no matter what you decide to do about it. And if I don´t go down there and try to manage the situation somehow, they will fight each other, until they are all dead. You know that, just as well as I do. 
- ...
- ... Of course I will go. I have no choice. I really don´t. 
- ...
- ... All because your son, the slayer of men, the sacker of cities.... Ares of the golden helmet... that son of yours... loves the sight, and the smell, and the consistency of blood so damned much. 
- ...
- were it not for him, we would not be in this mess.

She turned to the fair Afrodite. 
- I hope you realise, with whom you are sleeping. 

And so she turned on her heels and left. left them in the halls of Olympus, as the owl followed. 
So she left them. 
Athena the tireless one. 
They said that it was her responsibility. 
They said, that when things ran out of control, she should thank herself...
That she should organize things better. 

And at the same time they flooded her with contradictory messages, changing everything right in the last second. 
Changing by many hours. 
But Always in some different form, so it wasn´t in any way possible to anticipate. 
And if she couldn´t make it, that was her fault. 
Of course it was.
Had to be. 

"Someone must have slandered Josef K., for one morning, without having done anything truly wrong, he was arrested."

Her responsibility. 
No power over her own life. 
No chance to fix things, and no way to reliably check anything. 
Her responsibility. 

And there she was. 

Blind to the future, and trapped in their Kafkaesque whirlwind of a system. 

That was many years ago. 
Or was it? 
"This species is so rare..."
"Why should I get to se it?"
"Why should it extend such an honour to me?"

The truth is... if you spend long enough out in nature, you often get to see things that you wouldn´t necessarily anticipate. Badgers... Mooses... Just suddenly popping up in front of you. 

But the Lynx... That is something else... 
The lynx will inhabit enormous territories all to itself. 
30 kilometers across.
One lynx.
And that is just the females. 
The males will usually have much more. 
So naturally you don´t expect to see it. 
You really don´t. 
Even if you should happen upon the same area, it will keep itself hidden.

That is how they used to think. 
Until suddenly, there it stood. 


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Just a hobbyist, having fun, and uploading my pictures.
Sometimes, my art can get creepy/macabre/both...
I apologise in advance...


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