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So, what do you guys think about the whole eclipse thing?
Ok.... I am just going to put this here... This has been bugging me for a long time... Anyway: this is is a galaxy: This is is a nebula: Galaxy: Nebula: ..................... I am sorry if I come of as excessively aggressive about this, but I even see companies sell their products, “galaxy themed”, and all the while... it is really a nebula. If you or someone you know, have drawn, or painted one of these, that is great. I am not saying that they aren’t impressive. They are really hard to get right, and they are really beautiful when you do. But please, please, please, for the love of god don’t call it “
It is done.
So, Inktober is over. It was fun, but also taxing   There were days where I asked myself if there really was time for drawing. I would like to highlight the distinguished "Cop out snitch".... "AAAgh I dont have any time!!!!! OK....ok.... ehm... i will just draw a circle.... and add a pair of wings! There! Done! Genius!!! " Yes.... And then of course, there was the days with enough time to actually create something... Those were in a clear majority. Luckily. I think we can all win something by pushing ourselves like this. At least for a while. And such fun! Anyway, all my Inktober entries of 2017, are now sorted into their own


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thanks :)
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thanks :)
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Great artworks! Very stylishThumbs Up

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Thank you, I am glad you like them:)
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Thanks for the fav on INKTOBER 10: Pattern - Relax, don't do it...


I know that it seems like a good idea but I guarantee that this choice will haunt you for the rest of your days. Regret, shame, humiliation, not to mention the societal consequences should you still decide to go through with it. I knew a guy who did what your about to do and he had to sell his wife, divorce his house and hand his kids to animal control because of it. We won’t even talk about his dog. So as someone who has seen the damage and devastation first hand, I must beg you, don’t do it. If you eat that pickle, lives will be ruined. You can still do the right thing. Just step away from the pickle and we can talk about it. You must have something to live for, right? Family, friends, maybe a pet? I hear Lithuanian Aerial Gophers make great pets. It’s not too late. Why don’t we just leave the pickle here, head down to the pet store and check it out? What do you say?


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Hahaha, this is great!