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Inkhover 9 Swing by Inkhov
Swing by Lil-Tachyon
Legend by Lil-Tachyon
7-Enchanted  by Inkhov
Day 1-10 2019
Dr. Dre by SoulofHerKarma
Coral by CrystalRoseGalaxy
Inktober 52: 2023 _ week 6 - skull by SoulofHerKarma
YCH! by Volframa
Day 21-31 2019
Inktober 2022: Shalamayne by AquaVarin
Inktober 2022 : Indian Peafowl by AquaVarin
Inktober Day 16: Fowl by AClockworkKitten
Inktober Day 15: Armadillo by AClockworkKitten
Day 11- 20 2019
Inktober 2022 Day 19: Ponytail by AquaVarin
Inktober 2022 : Monarch Butterfly by AquaVarin
Inktober Day 19: Ponytail by AClockworkKitten
Inktober Day 11: Eagle by AClockworkKitten
Day 1-5 2016
Inktober Walk With Art by SamKimArt
Inktober Yuzu by SamKimArt
Inktober Plum by SamKimArt
Inktober Tower of Home by SamKimArt
Day 6-10 2016
Inktober #10 by the-FOOL-FACTORY
Inktober #8 by the-FOOL-FACTORY
Inktober #6 by the-FOOL-FACTORY
Inktober 2015 Day10 by kelzero
Day 11-15 2016
Inktober #15 by the-FOOL-FACTORY
Inktober #14 by the-FOOL-FACTORY
Inktober #11 by the-FOOL-FACTORY
Inktober #13 by the-FOOL-FACTORY
Day 16-20 2016
Inktober #20 by the-FOOL-FACTORY
Inktober #19 by the-FOOL-FACTORY
Inktober #18 by the-FOOL-FACTORY
Inktober #17 by the-FOOL-FACTORY
Day 21-25 2016
Inktober #23 by the-FOOL-FACTORY
Inktober #22 by the-FOOL-FACTORY
Inktober #21 by the-FOOL-FACTORY
Inktober 2015 Day25 - Kelzero (Assassin X form) by kelzero
Day 26-31 2016
Inktober 2015 Day31 - The other side by kelzero
Inktober 2015 Day30 - Last Battle! by kelzero
Inktober 2015 Day29! by kelzero
Inktober 2015 Day28 - Secret Training Regime by kelzero
Inktober involved art
Inktober 52: 2023 _ week 15 - PROWL by SoulofHerKarma
Day 1-5 2017
Inktober Day 2 - Nature Untouched 31dayworldbuild by SarahRichford
Day 6-10 2017
Inktober 2018 Day 8 by LaniusRios
Day 11-15 2017
Ayano Kannagi by FiireKat
Day 16-20 2017
Nagisa Furukawa by FiireKat
Day 21-25 2017
Chi by FiireKat
Day 26-31 2017
Inktober 2017 no.31 - Mask by LeoMitchell
Day 1-5 2018
Little waterfall by TheGamer5000
Day 6-10 2018
Inktober:D8 Star by TaintedTruffle
Day 11-15 2018
Inktober #15 - Pika [Persephone + Weak] by the-FOOL-FACTORY
Day 16-20 2018
Allen Walker by FiireKat
Day 21-25 2018
Sakura by FiireKat
Day 26-30 2018
Inktober Day 21: Bad Dog by AClockworkKitten
I am a little late with the update but Inktober 2018 has begun!

:bulletgreen: What is Inktober?

If you want to join the Inktober challenge its nice to know what everything entails, something which I will try and make clear here. Inktober is a challenge where you make a daily drawing for a month with a prompt. The drawing itself needs to be made of ink of course!

The official rules are;
- Make a drawing with ink
- Post it online
- Hashtag it with #Inktober and #Inktober2018
- Repeat everyday of October!

Pretty simple right?

Here is the list for easy access of the prompts!

Inktober 2018 Official Prompt List by LaChicaRara

Feel free to enter here your works and look at what other people have made :)
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Group Info

While I was looking for Inktober groups, I found that there were only 5 in which most aren't active. So I made another Group in which we can spread our love for ink drawings through the Inktober Challenge!
Founded 7 Years ago
Oct 1, 2016


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Art Creation

1,000 Members
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Chocobokage Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2020   Digital Artist
Folders aren't up to date so posting here. 
This was the 1st day for Ghoulkiss' Inktober challenge!
Prompt was "Stitched Hearts"

Heart Stitches [1/16 #GHOULTOBER] by Chocobokage
AshleyWass Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2020
www.deviantart.com/activeinkto… This group is active every year and even throughout the year.
Celia-D Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2020  Hobbyist General Artist
Seems this group is inactive...I would have loved to share my Pokemon themed Inktober I'm currently doing :(
Poketober by Celia-D   Poketober 2020 Day 1 - Grass type - Lurantis by Celia-D   Poketober 2020 Day 2 - Fire type - Ninetales by Celia-D   Poketober 2020 Day 3 - Water type - Suicune by Celia-D   Poketober 2020 Day 4 - Electric type - Luxray by Celia-D  
Inkhov Featured By Owner Oct 4, 2020  Professional Traditional Artist
happy inktober everyone, I hope you enjoy, here is an active inktober group where you can also upload your work! :D thanks for everything and sorry for the inconvenience
TheArtistMouse Featured By Owner Oct 1, 2020  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Uh, could you include a 2020 folder?
RheaSarama Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2020  Student Digital Artist
Come join my Valentines Day Drawing Giveaway!
Valentines Day Giveaway! by RheaSarama
anndilek Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2020  Hobbyist General Artist
Hi, is there anyone to be active with the inktober52 challenge?
WeirdSwirl Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2020  Professional Traditional Artist
Wanted to ask the same!))
AutoJohnny Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2019  Professional Filmographer
I can't submit how come?
KeiraStarlight Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2019  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Same here
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