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Folders aren't up to date so posting here. 
This was the 1st day for Ghoulkiss' Inktober challenge!
Prompt was "Stitched Hearts"

Heart Stitches [1/16 #GHOULTOBER] by Chocobokage… This group is active every year and even throughout the year.
Seems this group is inactive...I would have loved to share my Pokemon themed Inktober I'm currently doing :(
Poketober by Celia-D   Poketober 2020 Day 1 - Grass type - Lurantis by Celia-D   Poketober 2020 Day 2 - Fire type - Ninetales by Celia-D   Poketober 2020 Day 3 - Water type - Suicune by Celia-D   Poketober 2020 Day 4 - Electric type - Luxray by Celia-D  
happy inktober everyone, I hope you enjoy, here is an active inktober group where you can also upload your work! :D thanks for everything and sorry for the inconvenience
Uh, could you include a 2020 folder?
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Valentines Day Giveaway! by RheaSarama
Hi, is there anyone to be active with the inktober52 challenge?