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Wolf in Sheep's Clothing

Digitally painted, client illustration. You can see the pencil sketch for this in the Scraps. I used a new (for me) technique for this that I think works well, in certain cases. Essentially there were two hotkeys mapped to Actions in Photoshop, one that lightened, and one that darkened... then fast selections with a minor feather were made and Actions performed based on the contours of the character, light or shadow.

Then there were a few light gradients and so forth, and the background/shadow, which probably won't be included with the client's final (because it's for a brochure, so it in all likelyhood will need to go over whatever background their Art Director needs). The advantage to all of this is that it allowed me to finish the piece very quickly... less than 6 hours overall, I think.

I don't know that I'm going to make a major habit of using this technique, but it has its uses.
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Hi, I would really like to use this picture in a presentation I am creating for my security class. It's about insider security and in my opening statement I use the expression "The proverbial wolf in sheep's clothing". This picture would be prefect for what I'm going for! I already have it in and have you listed in the acknowledgments. Just want to make sure I have your go ahead first? Thanks so much if you allow me to use it!
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For once, sure. This image is old as hell, and I don't believe the initial client ever used it. You have a one-time, limited (to the stated intention) usage. I hope it works out well!
Thanks! And a double thanks for getting back to me so soon, the presentation is tomorrow night!
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It's i can't any mistake in it. I wish that my artwork is like this.
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Nice. It's funny and it's one of those pictures at you get the whole story with just one good shot.
yf19-sama's avatar
haaha pretty cool character and colors!

tell me if the teeth are normally oriented?
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Nah, I make it up as I go.
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ah okey its a strange feature. But nice done ^^
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hey, this rocks XD :thumbsup:

the style is freggin´cool. I cant give you any worthy advice ^^ :D
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It looks 3d. I don't know how you did it
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Haha, this looks funny. But the colouring is freaking amazing! You can feel the wool!=)
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Wow, this is very well done; keep up the great work.
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haha, great idea
jmart-art's avatar
love the way this turned out.. this caught my eye cuz i literally just used this phrase before i saw this on your page.. definately a great concept of it.
waydre's avatar
clever concept, and nice finish!!!
you keep surprising me with all of the diverse art you crank out!
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dude...totally feel it!
it's like politics and ( no offence if you dont agree) certain people putting on the "clothes" of the good guys, playing the rest of the nation (on all spectrums, especially naive ppl ) along untill they have the power to control everyone...
and im not talking about the bush talking about the so called "liberals" and "conservative" who play the game of someone's best interest when all they do is gain power of the state.
yea... just like the wolf putting on the sheep's clothes.

pfft... i lvoe your drawing though.
other than the inside meaning of it, the style is neat and the shading is remarkable! ^__^
great job! :+fav:
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AHA this is awsome! great concept, colouring, everything :nod:
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Yeah, I think this was pulled off really well. Just has a good sense of texture and depth to it in general. Kudos.
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thats really cool :]
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