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Warmup_20121112 - The Lord Ruler

"Those are very hard to replace..."

Today's warmup doodle became something I wish I had done for The Mistborn Adventure Game; a vignette portrait of The Lord Ruler, immortal god-emperor of The Final Empire.

Not canonized... while I do draw official Mistborn work for Brandon Sanderson and Crafty Games, I'm working off the reservation here, drawing on my own time. That being said, I went by the text same as did when working on the RPG, so it shouldn't be any less accurate than those were.

Got a little closer here in terms of the technique I was aiming for during the RPG work too, something I wish I'd worked out sooner. Silhouettes are more important than I had realized when trying to mimic illustration techniques from a hundred years ago and blend 'em with modern influences.

Tablet and Manga Studio. "The Lord Ruler" is a feature character in Brandon Sanderson's Mistborn series of novels.


Updated with a few minor changes... a more extensive pattern in the vest, lace at the cuffs, and frogging in the jacket so that it be a little more fancy, befitting the deathless despot of a dying dominion.
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Ha. I just read this part. Like, an hour ago. Nicely portrayed.
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Double impaled, looking at the severed head of one of his minions...and he looks like he's just not feeling the new color of his drapes. That is how you portray a powerful villain.
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Okay, I just love this so much. I absolutely love the Lord Ruler. The guy is crazy, but he's awesome.
Oh man this is EXACTLY how I envisioned the Lord Ruler in my own mind. Great job!
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No idea why, but I love this.  It's definitely something about his expression.
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Oh man, I am really happy I saw this.  I had always imagined him with shorter hair, but wow.  That long, dark hair is incredibly striking, and it is after all rather fitting with how he probably sought to portray himself (youthful, certainly, and I'd say proud, too).  I'm looking forward to keeping this in mind when I go back and reread the books.

(And as a side note, how does he keep his hair so silky? *u* Perfection is to be expected from such a powerful ruler, but I'm still impressed!)
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One of the things I love about deviantart is being able to find the people behind the worlds I've encountered in the rest of my life. I've wandered across your illustrations a dozen times at least in the last couple of years -- I actually saw one of your illustrations of Vin before I read the Mistborn books -- and I've always been struck by what you can do with lines and shading. Sometimes your take on scenes is really different from my own, and sometimes - like here - it's eerily similar to the pictures I've conjured, and either way I can't get over how exciting it is to see someone else who's clearly got enthusiasm and passion and skill turn their hand to something I enjoy and rock it.

This is hands down my favourite, though; those spears look cruel, and the lines of his body and the coat and his hair, it all flows so beautifully I'm kind of in awe. Glad I managed to find you, looking forward to seeing more of your work.
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Thank you! I'm glad you enjoy it!

I'm looking forward to working in the Cosmere for a long time to come. :D
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I JUST read this today, finished that book too! And when this scene happened I thought it was so cool.
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Get on to book 2! It's even better, says I. :D
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No worries! I actually gave the first book a not so good score, but I'm totally going to keep going with this series and your pic just reminded of how badly I want to.
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His earliest stuff is definitely the roughest (Elantris, the first Mistborn book, Warbreaker), but the latest stuff is my favorite. Working on "The Wheel of Time" definitely made a difference, and how could it not?
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It's weird since I went backwards with his works. I started with: Way of Kings, then sort of skipped around Elantris before reading Mistborn and now I'm loving The Allow of Law.
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So long as you read the Mistborn series in order, you can't really go wrong... Each individual world in the Cosmere is, so far, self-contained, so it's not required to read them in publishing order. Though it helps to recognize the cameos in Kings when you've read the other Cosmere books, so you might want to re-read the Interludes there with a fresh eye.

Did you catch The Emperor's Soul? That's a short novella that takes place on the same world as Elantris, though on a different continent and separate from those events.
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Ah, not yet. I've read about half of Elantris, but this time I want to read it all before I delve into Emperor's Soul. But it is in my bookstore and looks like a very quick and contained read, so I might end up reading it before I finish Elantris.

Yeah, Way of Kings feels like it had way more going on in the background (as per usual of epics), but once I read Mistborn it really connected; especially with the whole Sliver of Infinity bit.
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The Emperor's Soul takes place on the same world (Sel, I think?), but it's effectively disconnected. I think don't think there's any need to worry about spoilers arising from it or anything. And yeah, as a novella it's quite the quickie. I actually liked it a lot more than Elantris, which I think suffers a bit from being one of Brandon's earliest novels.
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This is amazing. Waay different from how I imagined him, but everyone to themselves, eh? I love the nonchalant of Mr. Lord Ruler in this picture. If you've read The Way of Kings, you can see my name shows how much of a fan I am of Sanderson. He's a genius, and so are you, sir.
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How did you imagine him differently?

I'm a little bit familiar with the Stormlight Archive. :D
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Very professional looking. Short, cropped hair almost military style. The clothing wouldn't be as smooth. He would have some resemblance of his "old days" (don't want to spoil anything) with some sort of fur clothing. Much broader in the shoulders and he would look much more a leader you could follow in war. Something like that.
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Hmmm. So, the fun thing about the hair is that I only realized after I drew it that he doesn't specify the length at all, it could go either way. You might be interested to know that the concept art I did for the film (which hasn't been shown yet, to my knowledge) keeps his hair shorter (not short, though I did do a couple short-hair versions) and his coat is much more military in cut. I did try fur at one point, but they wanted a high collar instead.

So who knows, you might get a version closer to what you were thinking after all. :D
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