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The Gutters #366 - Unchained Parody

Check out the full-color, finished version over at The Gutters!

Normally I have to wait months or even years before my work is published and I'm allowed to share it. This one turned around in less than a week.

Tapped by the team at The Gutters, a webcomic that satirizes current events and culture in the comics industry, my contribution to their new 2013 lineup shows just where the current dynamic between Doc Ock and Peter Parker is headed.

It's possible not everyone has seen Patrick Swaze and Demi Moore get sloppy in Ghost, so here's that for reference

>> [link] <<.

Why should I suffer alone?

I'm actually not a current reader of any of the Spidey books, my tastes in comics run more Dark Horse and Image than DC and Marvel, so I'm only vaguely familiar with the current storyline, but I'm going to go out on a limb and say I don't think it'll last long. It's a neat twist while it's on, in the meantime.

Drawn on ye olde Cintiq 21 in Manga Studio v.3 over the course of a day or so. Digital inking made that tentacle segmenting possible without needing to rough it all out in advance. Saved a LOT of time, I think.
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Bweehehehe... only familiar with this development through other fans of the comics, but... yeah... bweehehehe.
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I LOL'd out loud. WAY too funny!
Emeowrald's avatar
So Spiderman is a ghost and Doctor Octopus is having a relationship with him?
Is there a story to this?
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Apparently! Though I think whatever romantic relationship the characters may have is inferred on the part of the fans, and mostly it's a satire of the current dynamic between the characters in which one of them is crazy-obsessed, and the other is possibly, probably, mostly dead.
Emeowrald's avatar
Ah. Well that sounds like something Marvel would do. Marvel can be rather strange at times.
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Rofl ... I never though I'd see the day when you drew slash fan-art, even if the series is being ridiculous right now
Inkthinker's avatar
Heartless mercenary, me. I draw for pay. And besides, this was funny. :D
ltread's avatar
Funniest Gutters I'd seen in months. Bravo. :)
elsevilla's avatar
hahhahah you just destroyed my childhood
ASZSephiroth's avatar
I guess we will see what happens in the Spidey-verse.
adony's avatar
Ugh, oh gawd. Well drawn though.
patmax17's avatar
what has been seen...... O__O
dark-dragoon-gao's avatar
I'm just surprised noone thought of doing a parody like this before, then again maybe I haven't been looking hard enough. Regardless it's great work and very funny.
SeanE's avatar
Well that's ruined my good nights sleep... :p
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