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Mistborn - Vin sketch



Based on the novel The Well of Ascension by Brandon Sanderson. This is just a rough sketch of the series heroine, something I'm hoping to work more on later. Towards the end of the book Vin is more than a bit of a bad-ass.

One of Sanderson's strong points as an author is that he introduces interesting magic systems... magic isn't something that just happens through vague mechanics that allows for any effect the author needs, but rather a system with rules and effects that the author finds new and interesting ways to abuse.


In the Mistborn series, magic (or at least one aspect of it) revolves around the ingestion and internal "burning" of metals like pewter, steel, iron, gold and so forth. Mistborn are people who have the power to burn many metals, and so they have a lot of power. Taking up a big slab of barely-sharpened pig iron and toting it on your shoulder is a minor feat.

Illustrated in PS CS2 on the Cintiq 21, about 15 minutes of doodle there. I need to widen her hips just a little, and there's a bit of dust that looks like a beauty mark but needs to go.


Hey, look at that... I actually did something with it.
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i tought sandersons strongest point was his ability to introduce themes characters and plots that continue through his trillogy, rather than leaving the reader wise a sense that hes making things up to keep the story going.

The art is great btw. there seems to be a shortage of truly good work, but this is great.