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Mistborn - Vin II v.1



Based on the novel The Well of Ascension by Brandon Sanderson. This is the tonal value paint for this sketch that I threw into the Scraps a couple weeks ago, something I've been burning my evenings on when I can spare the time.

If you just showed up to the party, Vin here is the main character in the "Mistborn" trilogy of novels. While she appears as the focal character in all three books, it's around the end of the second one that she's spattered with blood and mud, stalking through ash and mist with a six-foot slab of sharpened iron over her shoulder (although this is not meant to depict any scene in particular).

I picked up the series as a subject for practice paintings because I'm a genuine fan of the novels, but I'm also putting in some practical prep work. I expect it to come in useful.

Illustrated in PS CS2 on the Cintiq 21UX, total painting time about 3-4 hours, I think. It was hard to gauge time doing it in small chunks as I did. Feel free to crit if you spot something that does not click.

There is a color version soon to follow (already done, but I'm still letting it cool off).
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Would it be possible to get a desktop wallpaper sized version of this (1920x1080)? I would try to do it myself but I would not be able to replicate the gradient in the background. Thanks in advance.