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Mistborn - Koloss



More fanart for Brandon Sanderson's "Mistborn" trilogy, from Tor books, the text largely says it all. This started out as a little loosen-up doodle that got complicated on me. Click "Download" to check it out a little larger.

I confess, I did not do the proper research (going back into Book 2 and pulling out all the Koloss descriptions), but rather relied on memory and the impression I recalled from reading the book. Hopefully I didn't get it too wrong.


So actually, I got it pretty wrong on a couple points. The current version now more accurately reflects the skin color (a deep blackish-blue rather than a pale blue) and their proper size ratio. That'll teach me to do my reading first. *sigh*


Little less than an hour on the sketch, and then maybe two on the paints and layout. The text is pulled from the Glossary in the back of the second book (wherein these guys appear) and paraphrased from characters within the main text. All done with the Intuos 9x12, lines Manga Studio EX and paints/texture in Photoshop CS2.

All content ©2007 Brandon Sanderson. Let it not be said that fanart serves no purpose... it's easier now than ever before to get your work seen by authors, and if you show the right skills that can lead to nice things.
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I bought the book but haven't read it yet, and now after seeing this I am looking fwd to it :eager:

Great art :clap: