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Lupin III - MetroCon 2005


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Well, here she is, kids. Due to DA's policy on music in animation, I'm hosting this on my own server. Please don't blow it up. :D

>>> <<<

-EDIT 20140905- I've replaced the original link with a YT video link. I am indebted to the fan who uploaded it. -END-

Near as I can figure, these are the credits (if I get anything wrong, guys, then let me know):

Written & Storyboarded: Ben McSweeney
Animation: Erin Humiston, Ben McSweeney
Backgrounds: Ben McSweeney, Jesse Norton
Scan and Digital Process: Erin Humiston, Ben McSweeney, Anna Bruno-Stepp, Kevin Delucia
Digital Coloring & Effects: Erin Humiston, Ben McSweeney, Anna Bruno-Stepp, Kevin Delucia, Jesse Norton
Composition: Ben McSweeney, Erin Humiston, Jesse Norton
Sound and Final Edit: Jesse Norton

Music: Theme from Lupin III by the Tokyo Ska Orchestra

* * *

Early this year, Humouring the Fates Inc. agreed to create a special treat for Tampa's runaway hit anime convention MetroCon. In honor of their big-name guest, Lupin III creator "Monkey Punch", we threw our resources into creating a short work of original animation that would begin the opening ceremonies of the convention. We at HTF are big Lupin fans, and we really wanted to created something that would excite the fans and show our love.

I think we did allright. :D

This short film is the result of a great team that worked to create the entire piece from concept to completed edit in less than six weeks. I can't emphasize this heavily enough, I know this is on my personal page, but this isn't just my work... it wouldn't even have been possible without the skill and energy of several people, a few of whom just happen to also be DA members.

So give it up for my homies!

Erin Humiston :iconbasakward:
Anna Bruno-Stepp :iconbrujaslight:
Kevin Delucia :icondelucia44:

Here's a little FAQ action:

How did you make this/what programs did you use?
This was done traditionally, with paper and pencils. Erin and I drew every frame of every scene by hand, and then scanned each frame into the computer using the RETAS family of animation software. It was processed and colored digitally, then composed by scene and exported as a master footage file, then taken into Final Cut Pro for the final sound and timing edit.

Hey, this is what we do. :D

You got a lot of credits up there, buddy... what did YOU do, specifically?
I wear a couple hats. Specifically, I wrote the initial draft, storyboarded it and set up the shot list. I keyed and tweened alongside Erin and I think I did most of the cleanups. I redlined and/or colored several scenes, and did a bunch of really annoying backseat editing. Over the last few years I've had to do almost every job along the production line at some point or another.

Can you teach me to do this?
No chance. It takes a LOT of work to learn animation (I'm still learning all the time), but most of it has to be done on your own. I can suggest that Richard Williams book The Animator's Survival Kit is awesome, and Easytoon is not a bad way to just practice rough animation.

I'm sure I'll add more questions later. Feel free to ask 'em!
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The link to the video is gone. I hope that wasn't your only copy. Since this was put up, Youtube is very much a thing. If you still have it, perhaps on there?