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A couple of mockup models sheets I drew over an evening while I wait to hear back on The BARTKIRA Roadshow.  Hit download to see it a little larger.

Kaneda's movie costume has a surprising amount of pink and orange in it. I don't know how I never noticed it, but I checked several still frames and it's pretty consistent. It's always depicted as being red leather in cosplay and in many of Otomo's original comics illustrations, but in the animation... pink and orange. I'm sure there's reasons for that, like I said I don't know how it is it never really registered to me before. I've certainly watched AKIRA enough times, but it's really eye-opening to be reminded how color-blind I am (artistically, not physically).

I'm near certain that the model sheet I based the Bart design on is too modern for the style of the eventual trailer. Nevertheless it's what I had in hand to work with, and it's all just practice wankery anytoots.

Drawn in Photoshop with my faithful old Cintiq. I haven't been picked up for the Roadshow project yet, but I'll let you know when I hear otherwise. :D
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Good job! Check out my Milhouse x Vegeta Mashup!