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Alloy of Law - Elendel Daily details by Inkthinker Alloy of Law - Elendel Daily details by Inkthinker
The Alloy of Law, Brandon Sanderson's newest Mistborn novel, is out NOW!! Find it on the shelves, order it from your favorite book source, look for it anywhere Tor books are sold.

Check out my previous post for more on the project as a whole:

These are closer looks at a couple of my favorite illustrations from the mock newspaper. Full view or download for greater detail.

The title text here is actually a "hollow" variant that we discarded in favor of solid text. The two graphic designs are ornate illustrations based on Isaac Stewart's Allomantic symbol for "Tin", which of course enhances the sight and hearing (what better symbol for journalism?).

The Breaknaught is the bandit-proof vault car that features vividly in the climax of the story. I really wanted to illustrate more of the train, though, as there's more than one action scene that surrounds train cars and the like, which I enjoyed quite a lot. In the end I feel that I drew the characters about 10% too large for the scale of the train, but I'm blaming that on the traditional inaccuracies of period-authentic illustration. It's not a mistake, it's a feature!

The political cartoon was based on a loose idea of the sort of class politics that a city like Elendel struggles with on a regular basis (it works best accompanied by the article that details the leader of the Tradeworkers Union bending over for the Noble Houses Collective in a labor dispute). Here I tried to channel a bit of Tenniel (the illustrator most famously known for his work in Carroll's Alice in Wonderland) and some Winsor McKay (Little Nemo in Slumberland, Tales of a Rarebit Fiend) to achieve some of that proper period flavor. McKay was notorious for not fitting all his text well into a word bubble, but in the final submission they made me fix it so that it was more readable.

The final bit is an advertisement for Immerling Arms, a fictional manufacturer of modern weaponry in the city of Elendel and surrounding territories. Guns feature quite prominently in The Alloy of Law, and their combination with the traditional powers of Allomancy or Feruchemy are part of what elevate the story beyond the usual tropes of fantasy or westerns. Between that and the few examples I found of authentic period advertisements in the pages of era-equivalent (1910) newspapers showcasing firearms, I knew I had to do something like this ad.

The pistol itself is a loose conglomeration of Western and European styles to create an unholy bastard of period design. I'm also really pleased with the font/logo for Immerling... based loosely on an existing font called "Thirteen O'Clock", I modified the letters to resemble bullets and hammers. While it was originally intended as a placeholder I was surprised at how much I liked it, ultimately deciding to submit it in the final composition. The slogan and the copy text practically wrote itself.

All the illustrations were drawn in Manga Studio EX v.3 using a Cintiq 21UX, assembled and composed in Photoshop CS2.

The Alloy of Law and The Elendel Daily and its contents are 2011 Dragonsteel Entertainment. Feel free to ask any questions you might have, and if I can I'll answer 'em!
NecroTechno Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2013
I do *so* hope Sanderson writes more books in this setting, if for no other reason that to hear him shout "Oi, McSweeney! Draw me up some more cool guns, pronto!!!" XD
Inkthinker Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
"The Shadows of Self" is scheduled for either 2014 or 2015, I think. That'll be book two. Not sure if he'll go for three or not, it's all up to him and I don't poke too sharp 'cause we got plenty on the plate in front of us, to be worrying about what he'll do a year or two out.

But I reckon I've drawn quite a few guns for Crafty's "Alloy" RPG book already, and I reckon I'll draw a few more before the book is all put together, and that'll probably see the light before the sequel. I'm glad you like 'em, thanks!
Dylanio21 Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2011  Professional Traditional Artist
This is really amazing work, perfect look for the time you're shooting for.
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