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Human Figure Study

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Pieta Study (Michelangelo)


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A Friend

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the highest point

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Stand Up and Fight

Stand Up and Fight: What happened to your hopes, What happened your dreams? You're sitting here in silence, You listen to the screams. I think you've had enough, Just stand up and fight. Don't let yourself be this way, It's not alright. You used to have a smile, But then they made it go. They crushed you in the dirt, Now you're feelin' really low. I think you've had enough, Just stand up and fight, Don't let yourself be this way, It's not alright. The big bullies gang up, They got their own hang up, Forget it and man up, Ya just gotta stand up. Because this is your life, Don't throw it away. Just stand up and fight, No


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Orange Fish Painted Seashell


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Lovely Hanging Cutlery Bird FOR SALE D032


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Two little sparrows

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Inception Minimal Poster

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White Deer

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The all-purpose drawing tutorial.

Because the question seems to come up with a lot of regularity (not unexpectedly I might add), and because it's just easier to make this once than to type it out each time it gets asked, here is my answer to the general question of "How do I draw better", and any one of the variations of the same. First of all, put the cartoons, manga, and other stylized designs on the back-burner of your priorities until after you master the fundamentals of understanding line, form, shape and perspective.  If you have some down-time you want to kill with some cartoons, spend a few minutes warming up first on some real life gesture drawings. Don't copy cart


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Loodo Advergames Business Card

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Literature is Fun

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