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Oops I have a mlp oc
His name is Winslow something or other

He tells everyone his last name is different (but always along the lines of “winslow mcpufflepuffkin” or “Winslow huffinmufter”, silly stuff like that) so no one knows his last name. He runs a drink place that specialises in root beer floats and too much whipped cream and he is my baby boy I love him
Unrelated title
Unrelated description containing edgy song lyrics
Looking to learn about some of my characters? Well look no further because I, the great Ink, have finally gotten off my lazy bum and made this thing. May it satisfy your hunger for tragic backstories.

NOTE: This is not a complete list. Far from it. But I will try to add more to it every now and then.
I will also include some information on the world they live in.

World Info:

My world is made up of infinite different planes of existence. All the planes are connected. Think of it as layers to the universe. As the layers get further away from layer 1, (the base layer) the beings living on those layers become more abstract and less connected to our reality.
Keep in mind that this is an extreme simplification of the idea. The reality of it is that there is no real order to the planes. They all simply exist. I'll only be adding the first 6. Those are the important ones

Plane 1:

The first layer. This plane contains everything we can see, hear, smell, touch, taste, or feel. This is the world as we know it, complete with humans, animals, plants, and everything else we can physically sense. Supernatural creatures do not reside here, with the exceptions to beings such as werewolves and witches, and other creatures that are human to some degree. (or not human?? If a dog was a witch the same thing would apply.) Every human character I have lives on this plane.

Plane 2:

This is the plane ghosts reside in. Not all ghosts of course. Just the ones that never made it to the afterlife. Beings on this plane usually go unseen by those on plane 1, but it isn't uncommon to be seen, especially by animals.

Plane 3:

This plane is very close to plane 1. Beings in it experience the same world as those on plane 1. The main difference is that beings on plane 1 see a warped, more comprehensible version of them. (Beings on plane 2 can almost always see them though, with the rare exception of a very closeminded ghosty every now and then) This plane contains creatures such as demons, demonkin, wendigo, and pixies. All the supernatural beings of legend. Beings on the first plane see a version of these creatures reflective of thier own plane. Demons may look like regular people. Demonkin may look like animals. Some animals may see past this reflection. If your dog wont stop barking at this one guy for no apparent reason, it is entirely possible the guy is a demon and you just cant tell.

Some beings on Plane 1 have the ability to see beings on Plane 2 and 3. This is mostly an ability magic users, such as witches, possess, but there are the rare occasions where people are simply born more receptive to magic. 

NOTE: there are some creatures so powerful that all beings, including those on the first plane, can see their true form. Cerberus is one of these

Plane 4:

This plane is chock full of monstrous creatures that remain unpictured in any myths. They remain completely unseen to all except those with a special connection to planes beyond their own. So basically schizophrenics and psychics. (these sorts of people can see creatures on planes 2 and 3 as well) Creatures on this plane experience a warped version of our world. Blurred and colourless. There may be three or four in your room right now.

Plane 5:

This is where we start to seperate from reality significantly. Beings on this plane experience the same world as us, but only in blurred fragments, as the mind tends to remember the world as. Details are most often left out, with mostly basic structure and more memorable features being seen. Beings on this plane are merely thoughts and ideas. Existing, yet not existing at the same time. Imaginary friends and such can be found here.

Plane 6:

This is the plane for forgotten ideas. The beings that never truly existed in the first place exist even less. Forgotten imaginary friends, old character concepts, and the like can be found here. Beings on this plane experience a constantly changing world of thrown together fragments. Combinations of forgotten memories and imagined landscapes meld together.

Extra info:

a few things that I feel should be given a brief explanation

Enchanted Objects:

Some objects given power by a supernatural being can connect the user to other planes. Phoebes necklace for example, contains the power of several magic users and allows her to see beings on the second and third plane.


In my own mythology, demons are creatures with no soul that are either born in hell or "turned." Turned demons are demons that were originally human, but sold their soul. (usually to the devil, but it's possible for a powerful witch to extract a soul as well) Keep in mind that souls are worth a lot. In the In Between, a persons soul will be weighed to determine whether they deserve to be sent to a good afterlife or a bad one. If someone collects a soul from someone else, it can be weighed instead of their own and possibly allow them to achieve a better afterlife. Turned demons keep a similar form to their original human one, but their appearance will be distorted to a certain degree. (their head may be replaced with something else, they might grow an extra arm or wings, maybe their legs turn into digitigrade legs. Who knows) Natural (born) demons tend to be less humanoid. Their existence in hell is something of a giant food chain on drugs. With no demon being the same as another, there is no determined food chain as such. Just millions and millions of demons of various size and abilities trying to survive, whether it be by eating others or avoiding others. The less powerful ones don't tend to last long. There have been rumors of demon kings existing in hell. Demons that are so powerful or intelligent that they have managed to take over sections of land and recruit other demons to do their hunting for them. 

Now that Cerberus is no longer guarding the gates of hell, some demons have managed to escape into the surface world.

Turned Demons:

I dO actually have a few guidelines surrounding the species. In my mythologies, there are three different classes of demon. This helps to balance out traits!

First off, there's the attack demons. Their powers revolve around taking the offense, and can be pretty damned powerful fighters. The downside is that they have huge weaknesses. Achilles heel style action going on here. Spec is an attack demon with some pretty spicy shape-shifting powers, but has a big old weakness for water, which can burn him pretty badly.

Second, there's the defense demons. Their powers revolve around, you guessed it, taking the defense. They're extremely hard to kill, but the downside is that they have little, if any, power to attack. Simon, another OC of mine, is a defense demon with no real powers, but he cannot be hurt anywhere other than his head, which is hidden in a bell mask for precisely that reason.

Third, there's the evasion demons. Their powers revolve around evading attacks. (no kidding, genius) They're masters at hiding, running, illusion, or any other means of avoiding a fight. The downside is that they are not particularly durable like defense demons, nor are they particularly powerful like attack demons. Jack, anoTHER OC of mine, is an evasion demon with the power to manipulate shadows and turn into shadows, which comes in handy for escaping situations and creating harmless illusions.

The In Between 

The In Between is the place between life and death. It's pretty much just a big old waiting room. When you die, you go there. Just give the receptionist your soul to be weighed and go sit down. If you've managed to acquire another soul, you may request that this one be weighed instead. (If you have no soul, you will be sent into the "Unsorted" room, a dark abyss in which all people take the same faceless, featureless form and mill about in eternal darkness for the rest of eternity. It is possible for another person to give their soul to one of the unsorted people if they ask the receptionist about it. There is also a soul donation box on the desk if you're feeling generous! However, if you want to pick out one particular person to give a soul to, it won't be easy. You will have to search through the crowd and attempt to find this person yourself, which is more than a little difficult when everyone in the crowd looks exactly the same and will be scrambling to pretend to know you in a desperate attempt to be given the soul. You may have to ask a question that only this person will know, or some such strategy.) You can read a magazine or something while you wait for your name to be called. When your name is called, proceed to the customer service desk, and they'll tell you which afterlife you made it into, depending on your beliefs when you were alive. If you had no beliefs, the default is either heaven or hell. After that, you will be left to go to the train station, where different trains will be waiting to take passengers to various afterlives. Try to escape your fate and use another train, and you will be stopped by security guards and escorted back on the correct one. Once you make it aboard your train, simply sit back and enjoy your ride to the afterlife! Or not. You probably won't if its the train to hell. 

The Actual OC Masterlist:

The Kelton Crew

Kelton is a town surrounded by a magic barrier that allows magic in, but doesn't allow it out. The entire town is a huge trap created by a group of powerful magic users centuries ago to keep Cerberus from destroying the world after he escaped hell. However, it traps all magic that enters, including supernatural creatures such as demons and werewolves. There is a single weakness to this barrier, and that is the "key". The magic users channeled their magic into an object to keep the barrier going long after they died. Destroy this key and the barrier will break, allowing all the trapped creatures out. Where is the key? I'm so glad you asked. It's around Phoebes neck.

Spec (Spencer):

Previously human. Turned demon at age 26. He was born in England in the 1800s to a rich family but ran away to seek his own fortune at age 8. He, along with his orphaned friend Magnus, became a crime duo, living on the streets and stealing to survive. Their one rule was to only take what you needed. Spec grew tired of this fairly quickly thanks to his selfish and greedy nature. Soon after the two befriended a rich girl by the name of Charlotte, Magnus caught Spec stealing a heck ton and made him promise to once again follow their rule. So Spec turns to courting Charlotte and eventually marrying her, running off with her money on the day of the wedding because now he has obtained it legally. It would've been great if his getaway horse didnt get spooked and tip him into the river. Seeing as he never learned to swim, the poor guy is facing death by drowning. Just before his eyes close for the last time, the devil appears to him, offering to strike a deal with him. In exchange for his human form and soul, he will save his life. Spec, of course, takes this deal and becomes a demon with the ability to shapeshift. (only his body. The head is always a TV, no matter what) However, water now burns his skin. Flash forward a few years to the day he wanders into the town of Kelton and quickly realises he can no longer leave. After much desperate investigation he discovers the origins of Keltons barrier and learns of the key to break it. So when Phoebe shows up in town wearing that key, he is absolutely determined to steal it off her and destroy it.


Just a regular human girl at the age of 16. A minor bully at school, proffessional slacker, commonly mistaken for a boy, and just a bit on the selfish side, she isn't anybodys first pick for a hero. Unluckily for her, after getting off at the wrong bus stop and leaving her backpack in the bus, she is lost and cut off from her family and friends. After venturing through the woods, she discovers two things. Firstly, a necklace hidden in the roots of a tree. Secondly, a town by the name of Kelton. Everything after this point will be withheld so as to not spoil my series in the making.


Previously human. Turned demon at age 17. Born in France in the 1720s as a slave, he worked on a plantation for most of his life. Don't worry though the guy that owned him was a very nice old man. Most of the slaves were quite fond of him, including Damon. When the great plague of marseille threatened the lives of everyone on the plantation, he begged the devil to take him in exchange for their lives. The devil allowed him to save a single person in exchange for his human form and soul. Damon saved his sister and became a demon, but is exiled from his home for speaking with the devil. As a demon, he gains the ironic ability to make things fall sick and even die. He's a pacifist though so the power is pretty much useless. Flash forward a few years to when he stumbles across the town of Kelton and becomes trapped there. Unlike Spec, he doesn't really mind and instantly sets to work befriending absolutely everyone.

Reggie (Tyler):

Reggie is just your average guy of the age 24. His father is from California, while his mother his from Mexico. He speaks fluent english and spanish. Other than that, he isn't really notable for anything. If he has a talent, he certainly hasn't found it yet. He dropped out of college a few years back and moved back to his hometown, Kelton. Now he just spends his time hanging out watching anime and wishing eggnog would be sold year round. His unimpressive skillset includes: mediocre saxophone playing, the ability to eat cold eggos without cringing, and chihuahua handling. He works in the control room of a theatre and probably spends too much time admiring the handsome fellow that does the magic act there.


The three headed dog assigned by the devil to guard the gates of hell and keep its occupants from escaping. He grew sick of his job, realizing he had the potential to do so much more. He even believed he could do a better job of being the devil than the devil himself. Eventually, he himself escaped hell to roam the surface world with the intent of destroying it and proving himself the most powerful being of all time. A number of wizards, witches, and warlocks (oh my) banded together to defeat him. He was too powerful to kill, but they did manage to sap his powers enough to trap him underground with a magic prison bubble type thing that you can read about above. His sapped magic was channeled into an amulet that keeps the barrier going. He isn't powerful enough to break free without the amulet first being destroyed, but he can somewhat influence the town above him in small ways. Like ground tremors and such. Sometimes he can even influence the wearer of the amulets dreams. 

The Mobcat Crew

The mobcat crew is a gang of criminals living in the sixth plane. Previously concepts for an old black and white cartoon, they were forgotten and ended up in the sixth plane, where they continue to go about their business. Robbing folk, threatening the occasional guy- its all in a days work


The leader of the gang. He looks completely harmless, and for the most part he is. But if you corner him he has absolutely no problem sinking his teeth into you. Literally. Only as a last resort of course. He'd much rather nobody get hurt. He thinks of everyone as either allies or enemies. There is no neutral. As an ally, expect lots of hugs and offers of sweets. As an enemy, expect to be robbed. His favorite weapon is a bazooka as big as his entire body.


The weapons specialist. He can tell you which weapons will be needed for what job, and has a huge collection of them stashed in his room. He also handles the purchase of said weapons and most of the talking on the crews behalf. Now, remember how I called him a weapons specialist? He only specializes in the knowledge of them. He's a jack of all trades, master of none. Meaning that although he can use all the weapons, he isn't particularly good at it. His aim could definitely use some work.


The scary one. She's pure brilliance at most long range weapons, from throwing knives to sniper rifles. She is fully ready to kill you, threaten you, maim you, and torture you. She's not allowed to interrogate anyone because she has a habit of going too far, which is just unpleasant for everyone. Her main weakness is that she isn't actually very strong. If you can get close it isn't hard to overpower her, assuming you can block her efforts to stab you. She isn't all stone cold killer though. She actually cares very much for her companions and loves to knit them sweaters in her free time.

Lou and Stu:

The brute force. They prefer their own pure strength over weapons. They're always together, even in battle, and don't tend to talk much to anyone. When they do, it's quite common for them to accidentally say the same thing and get mad at the other because "hey, I said it first!" 

The Circus Crew

The circus crew is a group of forgotten imaginary friends in the sixth plane that have all found refuge in a circus together. 


The leader, and the first one to arrive there. Before he was forgotten, he was a circus-themed imaginary friend for a little girl in Germany, around the time Hitler was just starting to take over. Her name was Becky, and she eventually ditched him for a new imaginary friend she named Sassafras. When he first arrived in the sixth plane, he claimed an old forgotten memory of a circus as his new home. He firmly believed Becky would remember him for years, and made tally marks on the walls to keep track of the days. He eventually gave up and covered them. It's like nothing ever happened. Occasionally, he will allow another forgotten imaginary friend to stay with him in the circus, but only people he thinks he will never be able to like. Misfits. It's easier to take his anger out on them, and deep down he's terrified of loving anyone again after Becky.


The second to arrive in the circus. Before he was forgotten, he was the imaginary friend of a little boy in Sweden that was struggling to come to terms with his homosexuality. He helped the kid to accept himself, and when that was done he wasn't needed anymore. He was forgotten soon after and joined Alexander in the circus. They were great friends for a long time, until Alexander started to realize Becky was never going to remember him again. Alexander distanced himself from Arthur. Now Arthur's pretty much just a punching bag, but he'll never give up on being friends with Alexander. No matter how many bruises he has, he's always there to make sure he doesn't get into trouble, comfort him when he's upset, and help him heal after he gets into fights.




yet to be added

Queen Polly and Jesse

Two travelers in the sixth plane, looking for a new kingdom to take over. They don't know exactly where they're going or how long it'll take to get there, but they're certain they'll find it eventually. Unlike the mobcats and circus crew, these two have been in the sixth plane for their entire lives. This can happen when forgotten ideas have a sexytime onhonhon

Queen Polly

Born into a royal family. After becoming queen, it only took a few years for her people to overthrow her, and for good reason. She's very selfish and couldn't care less about their well being. She set out to find a new kingdom to rule instead, thinking the townspeople were "ungrateful," and didn't deserve her anyways. However, she knows absolutely nothing about caring for herself, having previously had servants to do everything for her, so this is going to be one hell of a journey. 


The absolute opposite of Queen Polly. She was born into a simple village of farmers, and learned just about everything you need to know about survival and work ethic from a very young age. Eventually, she set out to find her own destiny. When she stumbles across a disheveled queen in her travels, she helps get her back to full health and continues to travel alongside her. 

Bug and Shoe

Immortal twin brothers born to a minor trickster god and another gods wife. The trickster god had previously helped the same, more powerful, god to gain more power. At birth, they were visited by the god. For screwing his wife, the more powerful god punished the trickster god by cursing one of his sons to suffer from terrible bad luck. For helping him to gain power, he blessed the other son with endless good luck.


The twin born with good luck. Having never experienced a bad day in his life, he doesn't sympathize with anyone who has. He's bored of everything being perfect all the time, and resentful of his brother for having the one thing he's never had. The thrill of danger, the feeling of pain. He frequently attempts to kill and/or injure himself, but is never successful. He can't die anyways, being immortal. Let him try. 


The twin born with bad luck. He's terrified 24/7, because at any moment he could be hit by a falling boulder or walk into a manhole. Knowing what it's like to be in pain, he tries to make sure everyone else is happy and unhurt when he can. He doesn't have any friends other than his brother, due to the bad luck that follows him everywhere. Nobody wants to be friends with a guy that is very likely to get a limb chopped off in the middle of a conversation by some freak accident. Due to his contact being almost entirely limited to his resentful brother, he really does believe everything his brother says about him being lucky and selfish to cry about it.  






The Conductor 




Neutral is a being that works as the receptionist in the In Between. He was created purely for this purpose, and never had a childhood or experience outside the In Between. He just simply popped into existence and has been working there ever since. He gets his name from his neutrality on most subjects. Needless to say, he's not very fun to watch team sports with. He's very friendly, although a bit socially awkward, but he isn't particularly good at being sympathetic. He just doesn't understand why someone would be upset about going to hell, as he has an entirely neutral stance on it. He has the same feelings about both good and bad afterlives, so it doesn't really click with him when people are happy about one and sad about the other. But although he may not be the best at comforting, he can certainly do his best to help you in whatever way he can in the In Between, from needing to borrow a pen to needing directions to the Asphodel train.  


Charlotte is a human, born on the first plane in the 1800s. Her mother is deceased, but her father was terribly rich and loved to spoil his daughter. She grew up with no limits. No repercussions. Her dad just let her do whatever she wanted. Or rather, he tried his best to give her a few reasonable rules like "be home by nine," which of course she completely ignored. Who needs to be home by nine when you could be partying, right? One day, while at a bar, she met a charming young man by the name of Spec. (wow who could this be) Only a week later, she saw him again, only this time he was running full speed with a satchel full of cash and several policemen after him. Thinking this looked like a recipe for fun, she helped him to escape by distracting and misleading the police officers. BAM, instant friends. Charlotte is now officially part of the Magnus and Spec crime partnership. As time goes on, Spec appears to fall for her, and eventually even proposes, to which she says yes. Unfortunately for her, the very night after their wedding, she wakes to find both Spec and her money have completely vanished. Devastated, she turns her trusty tobacco. Even more unfortunately for her, in her grief stricken state, she forgets to put out her cigarette. A terrible turn of events that leads to a house fire, with her trapped inside. She dies of smoke inhalation before she can get out and finds herself in the In Between. Realizing that after all her criminal acts with Spec and Magnus shes likely bound for hell, she decides to find a way out of this predicament. After a bit of smooth talking with Neutral, she manages to score herself a job driving the train to heaven. (as soon as the current conductor retires, that is. Eh, what's a few decades of waiting to avoid possible hell, right?) Years later, she is the ghost conductor on the train to heaven, tasked with ferrying good souls from the In Between to Heaven.



Roadkill is a forgotten imaginary friend living in the sixth plane. His life has gone extremely far downhill since being forgotten. After getting caught in a very unfortunate car accident, he suffers from some pretty bad brain damage, which has caused him to almost entirely forget his life before he was forgotten. As well as that, he suffers from verbal dysdecorum, pretty much meaning he's lost the ability to censor what he says. Oh and lets not forget the physical downsides, such as his lazy eye, complete lack of working nerves in his tongue, and a pretty nasty tire track print running down his face. After the accident, he wandered around the city for a long time, completely lost on where to go or what to do. He slept on park benches, collected rain to drink, and overall didn't have a very glamorous lifestyle. This changed, however, when he ran into a white tiger named Anton. Anton, that generous little heck, took a shine to him and brought him to his house to clean him up and feed him. And afterwards, even set up a bed in the garage for him. Roadkill is currently still spending his nights in Antons garage, and the two have become close friends. They also occasionally have guys nights out with Gary. Of course.


Anton was born into the sixth plane. He's a spoiled rich kid, to put it simply. He has just about everything you could ever ask for and more. He lives in a mansion, has a closet the size of a room, attends parties nearly every night. The only thing he doesn't have? Freedom. It's pretty hard to be yourself when you have to constantly make sure you're on good terms with all the other rich folk. (not to mention he lives with his parents) Attend every tupperware party. Write Linda a letter thanking her for her horrible fruitcake. Wouldn't want to screw up and lose your connections. He just wishes there was more to his life than Linda's dumb fruitcake and Stacy's dinner party. Speaking of dinner parties. He just so happened to be on his way to one when a terribly messed up possum walked right into him. After seeing his gunked up fur and ragged clothing, Anton insisted on bringing him home. He gave Roadkill new clothes, food, and a place to stay in his garage. As much as he'd like to offer a real bedroom to the poor guy, his parents would never allow it. Good thing they never go into the garage. Secret hobo friend. 



Toothache is a demonkin residing on the first plane. As his name implies, he suffers from a constant toothache. Sort of as if he is teething 24/7, which means he desperately wants to chew on absolutely everything he can get his paws on. His size varies on his diet. When he eats more,  he grows bigger. If he eats less, he'll shrink. So he can pretty much be anything from pocket sized to skyscraper sized. Which can be a huge problem when you have a need to chew all the time. Have you ever had a fifty foot tall lizard beast use your house as a chew toy? It isn't fun. (probably. I wouldn't know) Luckily for humanity, he has a defense mechanism that can serve as a handy solution to this problem. If you scare him bad enough, he will open his mouth entirely and completely detach the top half of his body from the bottom half, so he can run faster. This leaves behind the bottom half of his body, which was weighed down with everything he had eaten. So congrats. Now you've got a meat slab with a pile of half digested goodies on it. He'll be back for his body later. He kind of needs it to eat. He escaped hell after Cerberus left and now roams the upper world eternally looking for new food and chew toys. Maybe someday he'll wind up in Kelton?

more yet to be added


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