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Excuse me I'm taking down the final boss

A trade for Falcon over on Subeta!
This is their character Tit, I think his colours might be based on a specific species of tit, but I don't know which one. :b

He had video game things in his treasure chest so I thought I'd go with a video game pose heheh-

I actually sketched this like waaaay back in September 2015 so I'm squinting a little at whether or not this still looks good- |D
Making good progress on that to-do list though! Now I only have a couple things left! ٩( > ω <

I haven't actually slept so uh,
We'll see how it goes tackling the other things today omg- |D

Anyway, hope you like! :heart:

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Interesting how you decided on the pose for this one.


Also liking how the shoes turned out. I cannot for the life of me win this battle against shoe anatomy. D:
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Sometimes I get lucky and things just come to me haha.
You never know where / how you might find some inspiration- >w>;

Thank you though! :heart:
SHOE ANATOMY IS HARD I have to agree omg- glad you like these ones but seeing them you can't tell how much I struggled for a while there- |D
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The struggle is real. Q_Q