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For *Failed-romance-x's 'Design A Reaper' contest: [link]

Name: Wraith/The Wraith (a nickname - her real name is Delphi - ‘del-faie‘ - but it's been forgotten by almost everyone except for her)
Age: Unknown, but certainly very, very old, although apart from her coat, she doesn’t look it and she’s lost none of her suppleness. Her teeth are also in excellent condition, as anyone who’s ever offered her “lip” can attest.
Role: Seer/Soothsayer
Height: uncommonly small
Weight: uncommonly slight
Parents: All that’s known is that her mother was a Judge and her father was a Soothsayer
Alicorn: Ivory
Charm: Yellow star sapphire located in her left eye socket
Aura: Golden
Personality: There are seers who are quiet and shy, almost fearful of their ability. There are seers who possess a stately elegance and move through the world like royalty. Wraith, however, is the kind of seer who will jump out from behind a convenient tree, boulder, or building and shriek prophecies of doom at you. She takes a smug, rather vindictive pleasure in the frightened respect she recieves from most of the herd, which she has worked very hard to achieve, and in the nickname her eerie appearance has earned her. She enjoys peace, quiet, and watching the stars, and she cannot stand being disagreed with, even on subjects she knows very little about. However, underneath her extremely difficult exterior, she does have a good heart and is genuinely concerned for others and the world around her. It should also be noted that with the passing of the years, she has begun to spend less and less time in the present and more and more time in the past and future.
History: Wraith is a singularly uncommunicative creature when it comes to personal questions of any kind, and therefore very little is known about her history. What is known is that she retreated from the herd at a young age. If there was any reason for this besides her own longing for solitude, it's been lost to posterity. She then moved into a cave in the middle of the forest and has lived there ever since. Nowadays, she can be found wandering about the said forest with a barn owl who seems to have adopted her as its owner, looking very much like some kind of spectral apparition due to her thinness and coat, especially at night.
Relationships: Currently none of the romantic persuasion, which doesn't seem to bother her in the slightest, although she has apparently had several brief liasons with very young stallions in the past. The only real friend she has is the barn owl who travels about with her. She calls the owl “Missy”, but it's unclear if Wraith actually took the time to name her, of if this is just an epithet. Missy seems to have been with Wraith for an extremely long time, for according to Wraith, it was the owl that inserted her charm into her left eye when she lost the said eye in unknown circumstances. Missy is also the reason for the mouse skulls and flowers in Wraith’s mane and tail. She appears to bring them to Wraith as gifts and enjoys working them into Wraith's hair.


If you look carefully, you'll see that the circular marking around her alicorn is patterned with roman numerals, and combined with her alicorn forms a sundial. :D Also, one of the prizes for the winners is a cameo in a *Failed-romance-x's future comic. Therefore, I'd like to say that if I do win, I give her full permission to do whatever the hell she likes with Wraith.
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