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Favourite photographer: Annie Liebovitz (shut up! I can't help it!)
Personal Quote: "Wherever you go, carry happiness with you."

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a toss up between Erte, Edmund Dulac, and Mucha
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a toss up between C.S Lewis, J.R.R Tolkien, Terry Pratchett, Neil Gaiman, and Oscar Wilde
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HP Touchsmart tx2z, Manga Studio EX 4.0, Corel Painter 11, imagination


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Hey stunners! So two things! First, commissions are open! Prices below! Second, SUPER SUPER IMPORTANT. The chat feature on this site is beyond useless, so if you're interested, PLEASE drop me a line on Discord at Inkscribble#6140
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Hey guys! So because of some complicated pandemic related nonsense, I could super use three commissions today to help me pay my rent in the US whilst I continue to be be stuck in Canada! Hit me up if you’re interested!
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Hey babes! So ok, I&#8217;m sure you&#8217;ve all noticed that there&#8217;s a pandemic going on, yeah? WELL. Because of the recent absolute insanity with the post office, I&#8217;ve been unable to pay my rent on my room in the US whilst I&#8217;ve been in Canada all year! &nbsp;The cheques that are normally auto-mailed just...aren&#8217;t being delivered. &nbsp;At all. :star:COMMISSIONS ARE OPEN USD|CAD:star: If you wanted to commission me to essentially help me make the money I need to do it AGAIN (about $900 and - yikes - $300 by tomorrow), I would be SO grateful!
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Not sure if you ever check this or not but we commissioned you almost 3 years ago and never actually received a finished product despite everything (plus rights) paid in full. I can of course provide the screenshots for proof of everything, but it would be appreciated if we could get a response :)

Hi there again!

So I see an initial note from you and a Discord that doesn’t seem to be active! I’ll check my email as well, but if you have a new Discord, mine is Inkscribble#6140 !

Absolutely! Do you have Discord?

We do! We'd prefer to use the new account --> ShardsOfStardust#1369

Our old account that we'd originally used to commission though was SilverFoxAndCompany#1207.

You should make a colouring book! You're lineart is incredible!

yoooooooooo aren't you the person who worked alongside dolldivine in a few games like- neptune's daughter??