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We are about to release the long-awaited Inkscape 1.0 version which has a ton of new features and most notably runs on GTK 3 to provide decent support for macOS and HiDPI screens. We consider the state of this branch to be stable enough to warrant large user testing to prepare for the launch. A big thanks to all our developers, testers, translators, bug triagers, and vectors who are making this release possible!

>> Download on… <<

AppImage and snap are available for Linux users as well as a ppa coming soon, Installers (.exe, .msi) and portable app (.7z) are available for Windows and a .dmg is available for macOS.

The full changelog can be found on the wiki:…

Please report all bugs you find on so that they can be triaged and fixed.
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So do we have CMYK yet? If you are trying to compete that's what you'll need.
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We're not competing. Because we're not a company. If you have access to a vector image editor that's not Inkscape, then really, you don't need our charity work.

But having said that. Expanding access to CMYK (and other color profile features) is important. I believe we're half way.
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You are competing for users.

Halfway, so what's the roadmap look like for getting CMYK complete?
2 years? 10 years?
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I don't understand, what good is focusing on user advertising? Inkscape has millions of users, we're thumbs up, totally ace on users in general.

Now contributors, that's a thing worth focusing on. Converting users into paying, writing, drawing, debugging or programming contributors... that's a force multiplier. Turning what we have lots of (users) into what we don't have (contributors).

See the problem with the original question as stated is that it assumes something which isn't true; that Inkscape moves by itself. As if it was a self propelled thing.

I can understand why people think like this. Companies have investors who pour money into employees to get projects moving. You don't see the effort or investment, it just happens like magic and then you pick up the tab on the output end of the machine. (minus freedoms of course)

Instead think of projects like Inkscape as shells. Empty but for the temporary occupancy of whoever is the current batch of contributors.

I don't know what to tell you about CMYK except that if or when (I'm hoping when) we do a fundraiser for full CMYK support, that you'll be available to help in some way. Even if you never use Inkscape, (bit of charity there if you do that) or if you know some business somewhere that is seriously looking at this problem, there are opportunities in the project to get busy.

Hmm, I don't understand it at all, the program has brilliant functionality, it could be number 2 in the world, it's a shame that you can't use it seriously. It's a shame you create a tool for IT specialists, not designers. The printing world is slowly evolving and requires CMYK all the time :(I am a design teacher at school and I have a huge problem with software access for students. At school we have Adobe CC, Affinity, Corel etc. - there is everything you need and even more, but they in home has nothing to work on. The school is to prepare them for the profession, they will work in the advertising industry and outsource projects, e.g. for printing - they need to know how to do it, in addition, on professional exams they require it. There is little time, I have to choose one program, which I teach them and which they then use, it's a pity that it can't be Inkscape, they could learn more from home :(

Every now and then I come back to Gimp and Inkscape - when the new version appears, waiting with longing for the native implementation of CMYK, but every time I leave ... We start working already in the 1st grade and translating 13-year-old how to install the plugin in Gimp, it goes by goal, :(ause at home they can't repeat it themselves, they are not IT specialists, in addition, new generations use telephones on a daily basis and are not very good at using computers: / Eh .. :( :(


Maybe if the program supported professionals, we would be happy to pay you for its development? Now it is for hobbyists who probably prefer to buy a game or an electric scooter instead of software that they use sporadically ...

I am waiting for a fundraiser to implement CMYK in Inkscape! :(

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A bake sale where no one bakes any cake.

We *volunteers* are doing the best that we can, with what resources we have. Complaints from anonymous sources are genuinely unhelpful and actively harmful to morale. *Everyone* wants CMYK, the fact that we don't have it is a testament to the difficulty, not a lack of desire.

Structurally, I can't do anything with your message of sadness and despair. It needs so much and offers so little. Best I can do is forget about it and focus on positive contribution instead.
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I'm not focusing on user advertising, just the users. The project will die without its users, it might continue for a while on the love of the contributors, but without the users propelling the need for the project it will be abandoned. This is a lot like other "shells" that we use everyday, housing. Without the users to drive the need for them to exist, they fall into disuse and disrepair.

Before I started in the design field I taught myself using Inkscape, so it has served an important  stepping stone in my  journey.

I'm interested in CMYK as that is what stops inkscape from being the go-to vector editor for many design professionals, and I know a few that are waiting for it to be ready. Yes it's UI needs some work but that will come as you say, from the user base as they become contributors.
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Your users sound like contributors, not our typical users.

Which is good.
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I like to see so many improvements. :D
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