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The contest is officially closed! It looks like it's time to start voting. Following is the list of all entries and who they were by.

Everyone gets 1 vote and all entrants may of course vote as well. To vote, just reply to the journal entry stating the entry number that you would like to vote for. Voting will ONLY be accepted via DA and will be open through May 31st. Once the preliminary voting is done, the top 3 will be passed on to the developers to have the final vote for the winner.

Any entries that are not up to snuff by the end of voting will be disqualified. This means the SVG needs to be online, the work needs to licensed correctly (CC BY-SA), and the dimensions need to be correct. However, ANY other modifications of the files is prohibited.

Good luck to all who entered!

  1. Inkscape 0.47 -  ScreenContest by harrypopof by harrypopof
  2. Inkscape 0.47 - About Screen by kattekrab-inkscape by kattekrab-inkscape
  3. Inkscape about screen by dadoprom by dadoprom
  4. Inkscape 0.47 About Screen by worms-x by worms-x
  5. Inkscape 0.47 About Screen by jfbarraud by jfbarraud
  6. Inkscape Splash Screen 1 by Medniex by Medniex
  7. :thumb122430398: by sko
  8. Inkscape 0.47 About Screen by jbopen by jbopen
  9. :thumb123042399: by Kval
  10. Inkscape 0.47 - ScreenContest by h3l1 by h3l1
  11. Inked About screen by Epist3m by Epist3m
  12. Screen Contest by Keddec by Keddec
  13. Inkscape Submission by GeminiGod by GeminiGod
  14. Best Ever Program About  Scree by cg-lifecolor by cg-lifecolor
  15. Inkscape047 about entry by degentd by degentd
  16. inkscape 0.47 by isloer by isloer
  17. Inkscape 0.47 About Screen by MiKaelKA by MiKaelKA
  18. Inkscape 0.47 About Screen 2 by MiKaelKA by MiKaelKA
  19. Inkscape 0.47 About Screen 2 by jbopen by jbopen
  20. Inkscape o.47 by ivan-cukic by ivan-cukic
  21. 047 by hrum by hrum
  22. Inkscape 0.47 - About Screen by johanengelen by johanengelen
  23. Inkscape 0.47 Screen Contest 2 by poupoul2 by poupoul2
  24. Inkscape 0.47 Screen Contest 3 by poupoul2 by poupoul2
  25. Inkscape 0.47 Polish Screen by jfbarraud by jfbarraud
  26. Inkscape 0.47 AboutScreen by antyuser by antyuser
  27. Inkscape 0.47 about screen by vorgitsu by vorgitsu
  28. Inkscape 0.47 about screen 2 by vorgitsu by vorgitsu
  29. Inkscape 0.47 by Cogitas3d by cogitas3d by cogitas3d
  30. :thumb123638761: by J-Eis
  31. Inkscape about screen 2 by dadoprom by dadoprom
  32. inkscape splash screen by unknownentity21 by unknownentity21
  33. Inkscape about 0.47 by siska80 by siska80
  34. Inkscape 0.47 - About Screen by ThinWing by ThinWing
  35. DNA refactoring Inkscape by prkos by prkos
  36. Inkscape .47 About screen by QuicheLoraine by QuicheLorraine
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I vote for number 22. It's simple but elegant. hOpe it wins!