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NOTE: There was one entry that was mistakenly overlooked. It is now entry 32. If you would like to change your votes, please do so and it will be taken into account at tally time. I'm so sorry about that. ScislaC

Also noteworthy is that there are two items that did not previously have thumbnails that do now.

The contest is officially closed! It looks like it's time to start voting. Following is the list of all entries and who they were by.

The vote will be taken via whomever from dA drops by this journal in the next week as well as any votes cast on our mailing lists by non-da members. Everyone will be choosing their #1 choice and a runner up #2 choice. It will be a point system that is #1 choice = 2 points, and #2 choice = 1 point. All entrants may of course vote as well. Once the preliminary voting is done, the top 3 will be passed on to the developers to have the final vote for the winner.

Given the larger number of submission for this contest, the voting deadline will be extended another 2 days. Voting will begin today, January 7, 2008 and run through January 14, 2008.

Please note that there are a few entries submitted that weren't uploaded to DA, it would be greatly helpful if this could be corrected. Additionally, all SVGs MUST be online before the top 3 is passed on to the developers. If an entry is in the top 3 and does not have an SVG file online at that time, it will be disqualified and the position will be given to the next in line.

Good luck to all who entered, it looks like there's some tough competition!


Now, please reply to this journal entry stating which numbers you rate as #1 and #2. Thanks to all those who entered and to those who are voting!

  1. Inkscape 0.46 About Screen by artguy10 - by artguy10
  2. About Inkscape by AV-2 - by AV-2
  3. Versions Ink .46 by valessiobrito - by valessiobrito
  4. INKSCAPE 0.46 SPLASH SCREEN by unicko - by unicko
  5. shinig_star by hrum - by hrum
  6. Stitched Gold by prkos - by prkos
  7. :thumb73478652: - by needcoffee
  8. CLICK FOR IT - by designstyles (can you please upload to DA so it can be thumbnailed?)
  9. - by archaemic
  10. Hi comunity by Humoram - by Humoram
  11. :thumb73668915: - by dnfjud
  12. INKSCAPE 0.46 SPLASH SCREEN 1 by unicko - by unicko
  13. Inkscape 0.46 about screen by dphase - by dphase
  14. inkscape a propos by grutensaie - by grutensaie
  15. Rubik Ink .46 by valessiobrito - by valessiobrito
  16. :thumb74102587: - by troysobotka
  17. About Screen Contest by haruwen - by haruwen
  18. Inkscape 0.46 Splash by haruwen - by haruwen
  19. :thumb73899923: - by ironya
  20. Inkscape 0.46 About Screen by Miamoto - by Miamoto
  21. :thumb74102521: - by troysobotka
  22. big_city by hrum - by hrum
  23. About Inkscape by jfbarraud - by jfbarraud
  24. inkscape 'about screen' by dambs - by dambs
  25. Inkscape .46 about screen by artguy10 - by artguy10
  26. :thumb73990296: - by AndyFitz
  27. inkscape aboutscreen - sheepie by ryanlerch - by ryanlerch
  28. Inkscape Borg cube by prkos - by prkos
  29. inkscape about screen contest
    - by tekmanjim
  30. about screen - my second entry
    - by tekmanjim
  31. Ink Mountain - About 0.46 by ScislaC - by ScislaC
  32. inkscape about-screen by carver-s - by carver-s

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#1 - 7 by needcoffee
#2 - 18 by haruwen