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The contest is officially closed! It looks like it's time to start voting. Following is the list of all entries and who they were by.

The vote will be taken via whomever from dA drops by this journal in the next week. Everyone will be choosing their #1 choice and a runner up #2 choice. All entrants may of course vote as well. Once the preliminary voting is done, the top 3 will be passed on to the developers to have the final vote for the winner.

Voting will go for one week, with the "polls" closing on Monday, January 8th.

Good luck to all who entered, it looks like there's some tough competition!


Now, please reply to this journal entry stating which numbers you rate as #1 and #2. Thanks to all those who entered and to those who are voting!

  1. InkSun Proposal Inkscape 0.45 by valessiobrito - by valessiobrito
  2. Inkscape 0.45 About Screen by johncoswell - by johncoswell
  3. Inkscape0.45-About01 by rfquerin - by rfquerin
  4. Inkscape0.45-About02 by rfquerin - by rfquerin
  5. 045 by hrum - by hrum
  6. The Inkscape Signal by Chromakode - by Chromakode
  7. Inkscape Detailed by Chromakode - by Chromakode
  8. Inkscape 0.45 splash screen by molumen - by molumen
  9. Inkscape0.45-About03 by rfquerin - by rfquerin
  10. Inkscape 0.45 About Screen by Miamoto - by Miamoto
  11. BoyPaint Inkscape 0.45 by valessiobrito - by valessiobrito
  12. Ants works with Inkscape by aurium - by aurium
  13. 45_pen by hrum - by hrum
  14. :thumb45699026: - by manuela74

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#1 : 7
#2 : 13