0.47 Polls Closed - Community Voting Results

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By ScislaC
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Hey Everyone,

First off, a HUGE thank you to everyone who participated, whether it was by entering the contest, voting, or just getting the word out. We had an incredible turnout for this contest.

So, now that the voting is over and points have been tallied, the following results will be passed on to the Inkscape developers to choose a winner.

Here are the results:

1 - :thumb122430398: - 29 votes
2 - Best Ever Program About  Scree by cg-lifecolor - 17 votes
3 - Inkscape 0.47 About Screen by jbopen - 16 votes

When the developers are done voting, the results will be posted and the authors of the above will be contacted.

Thanks again everyone and we'll be back with an update in a few days!
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[link] thats the link to my 1st about page submission
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Nicely done but I could swear that #2 was not available when I voted.
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Congratulations to the winners! Really good job.

But what about the others participants? I can't see all the results.
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Viscious-Speed General Artist
Good luck to all 3 finalists! =D
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MedniexStudent General Artist
It's a little funny that only 3rd submission has that "re-factoring" concept. ;P
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degentdProfessional Interface Designer
Yes! It's interesting that only the 3rd one is related to the "re-factoring" concept.
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hnmAckStudent General Artist
Hope it makes it to the end.
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Greetings to the winners. Good job! :)
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Hi, I vote for entry number 1. It clearly shows what Inkscape is all about.
By the way, I'm the spanish translator ;-)
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hnmAckStudent General Artist
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Thanks to everyone who has participated and voted!
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I'm very happy with the first choice. I only don't like the font-face, but that is not so bad and i respect the artist choice. I propose to do NOT change.

I don't like the second choice, but i respect the public votes. I'm no sure if the blur will be good in the about window if that may use a fast render.

The third (in my opinion) is great for the 0.47+devel testing package.
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