---NOTE: The contest deadline has been extended to July 1st!---

Hey all!

Since we will be releasing a new version of Inkscape in the near future, we need to have a new about screen done. So... we will now have our second official contest for the Inkscapers on DeviantART.

:bulletgreen:Our goal is to show off what inkscape can do in a somewhat artistic manner with the intent of giving credit to all of the project contributors.
:bulletgreen:We also recommend using a current CVS version (nightly build) to attempt to show off some new features. Nightly builds can be obtained from our downloads page (link is below) under the "Development Versions" section.
:bulletgreen:Upload your submission to your gallery or scraps on DeviantART and post a link and description at the link below.

:bulletred:The canvas dimensions must be 750x625 px / 600x500 pt  (your image can bleed outside of the canvas, but anything outside of the canvas border will not be rendered)
:bulletred:It must be made in Inkscape only with no post processing as we will require the SVG file to use for the about screen
:bulletred:It must load relatively fast since it will be rendered in real-time when someone views the about screen
:bulletred:It must include the full list of Authors from the link above (flowtext would be recommended)
:bulletred:It must include the Inkscape logo and version number .42 (both should be highly visible and you can find a copy of the logo in the "share" directory of your install)
:bulletred:It must not contain anything offensive
:bulletred:Have fun!

June 21st, 2005 - July 1st, 2005

Having your art be the About screen for the new version and a credit for your work.

Preliminary judging will be done by the Inkscape community on DeviantART, when we have an official "Top 3", the judging will then be turned over to the inkscape developers for final judging. Please note that once it is turned over to the developers, once they have chosen the winner, they may have requests for modifications.

Relevant links:
:bulletblue:Inkscape Website – www.inkscape.org/
:bulletblue:Inkscape downloads page – www.inkscape.org/download.php
:bulletblue:List of Authors – www.scislac.com/inkscape/autho…

As with our previous contest, please post your submissions to your gallery or scraps and then post a reply to this Journal entry with a link.

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