Sorry about the delay in getting this up.

The contest is officially closed! It looks like it's time to start voting. Following is the list of all entries and who they were by.

Everyone gets 1 vote and all entrants may of course vote as well. To vote, just reply to the journal entry stating the entry number that you would like to vote for. Voting will ONLY be accepted via DA and will be open through April 25th. Once the preliminary voting is done, the top 3 will be passed on to the developers to have the final vote for the winner.

Any entries that are not up to snuff by the end of voting will be disqualified. This means the SVG needs to be online, the work needs to licensed correctly (CC BY-SA), and the size needs to be correct. However, ANY other modifications of the files is prohibited.

Good luck to all who entered!


1. The inkscape guitar by uwesch by uwesch.

2. :thumb158082056: by hellocatfood.

3. Inkscape 0.48  Screen Contest by Arwassa by Arwassa.

4. Inkscape about page submission by MindFont by MindFont.

5. Inkscape 0.48 Contest by MercerIsland by MercerIsland.

6. Inkscape 0.48 Splash Screen by nikdo-org by nikdo-org.

7. Inkscape Splash by lucasNDI by lucasNDI.

8. Inkscape 0.48 Image Contest by foxbit by foxbit.

9.… by DisegnoDesign.

10. Inkscape 0.48 Screen Contest by Keddec by Keddec.

11. :thumb159344512: by lacruzjd.

12. Inkscape 0.48 Contest, 2 by MercerIsland by MercerIsland.

13. Spray and node tool by uwesch by uwesch.

14. :thumb159511586: by lacruzjd.

15. inkscape .48 nature by qbnasasn by qbnasasn.

16. Inkscape Splash 2 by lucasNDI by lucasNDI.

17. Unimount_Uniscape by TheArtContinuum by TheArtContinuum.

18. inkchick by jfbarraud by jfbarraud.

19. Inkscape 0.48 About screen by GwenLP by GwenLP.

20. Inkscape 0.48 About Screen 1 by FL0RINF by FL0RINF.

21. Inkscape 0.48 About Screen 2 by FL0RINF by FL0RINF.

22. Inkscape splashscreen contest by Kabeer by Kabeer.

23. Inkscape 0.48 Splash entry by lemasney by lemasney.

24. Inkscape about screen contest by BolideDrifter by BolideDrifter.

25. Inkscape About Screen by didencool by didencool.

26. Inkscape 0.48 About Screen by ssteinegger by ssteinegger.

27. Inkscape 0.48 About Screen by mariozara by mariozara.

28. Inkscape about 0.48 by siska80 by siska80.

29. inkscape 0.48 by hrum by hrum.

30. :thumb160759006: by SwankyButters.

31. :thumb160761144: by SwankyButters.

32. :thumb160775788: by dennisv.

33. inkscape 0.48 by Quodlibets by Quodlibets.

34. inkscape_0.48 by honkia by honkia.

35. Inkscape 0.48 About Screen n.2 by mariozara by mariozara.

36. ScreenContest 0.48 by Keddec by Keddec.

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