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Dev ID by Inkscapers
misty mountains-03 by LazurURH
misty mountains by LazurURH
frosty mountains by LazurURH
Vector Claus by RMarillier
Ribbon Christmas tree by m-1981
11 Bookshelves by m-1981
Azura by Rock-Well
Diver by philippeL
Cartoon characters
Elf Girl by Dillerkind
Worth Every Coin by Meg-James
Josh Cooper by Rock-Well
Magical Lily by Rock-Well
Jewel by ericthecelt
Polygon Tube Background, juni 2022 by mystica-264
Glow by m-1981
Compass Rose by AquaDeus
Design, Interfaces
iPhone by Prosaiper
Lelola Paradise Layout Concept by DianaGyms
Happy Holidays RB shop by J-amesT
Semiotic Standard for Gamers (wip) by WinstonBenedict
Logos, icons, typography
Medieval tavern poster by Prosaiper
Shrimp Team by Roze-Well
Logos I designed over the years... by WinstonBenedict
Vintage Garage - redesign by m-1981
Mixed media
Cupid adopt AUCTION OPEN by PokidkoKatia
procedural impressionist mountains by LazurURH
Happy Halloween 2019 by Seothen
{RECREATION} Stellar Salute by T-E-R-R-A-B-Y-T-E
Dice by Prosaiper
Marbles Solitaire by LucullusCantat
Trophy made of scissors by LazurURH
SVG Strawberries by billps
Tutorials, Resources
Textile megapack by m-1981
Fishes pattern by m-1981
Gun Girl Free Vector Resource By Winston Benedict by WinstonBenedict
Silhouetten - Menschen im Winter by thobar
... other
Believe by MenosParedes
Maps, flags, insignia
Italian resistance flag (2022) by TheFlagandAnthemGuy
Yale Ball Sale Flyer 2022 Nov 17- Dec 17 (CLOSED) by TheArtsyEmporium
Fan art
Esperanza and Francisca dressed as cheerleaders by ELCORZO2001
Lets Go Surfing by Ozantliuky
Mirror Selfie 2 by Dillerkind
The Dragon's Egg Pub and Grill (Isometric) by RMarillier
Backgrounds, wallpapers
Target Practice for Three Letter Agencies by WinstonBenedict
Flyers, posters, splash screens
Befreex Tol Happy2023 Tehe by befreex
Comic strips
Watch Out!  ( English ) by Rock-Well
Physical Implementation
Morello cherry liqueur labels by m-1981

Mature Content

Commission for ArceeStar2022 by ELCORZO2001
Weapons - armors
Fm4 by Roze-Well
Aliased abstract aesthetics
Gnome Family and a Scutumcaput. by moonringblue
architecture, engineering, drafting
Ahm house by Jorn Utzon by MenosParedes





Inkscapers is a group for Inkscape user to share and discover art created with Inkscape.

Inkscape is a free and open source program for creating vector images. Give it a try and submit your art here.

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Submission requirements
Anyone can submit art to this gallery, but you must mention that it was created with Inkscape in the description.


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KenjiArionFelix Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2022  Student Digital Artist
Hello again Nice to meet you, So I wanna contribute art and this is made from Inkscapers, I wonder on which folder should I submit?
  Log Villa with Balcony by KenjiArionFelix  
LazurURH Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2022
Hello there, sorry for the delay.
Here is a new folder, created fresh upon request:
KenjiArionFelix Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2022  Student Digital Artist
The submission has been reviewed so what shall I gonna do next...?
LazurURH Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2022
Just keep them coming! 😎
-If you share an upload to a gallery folder it needs manual approval so there might be some latency time to time.
But in general, once you posted the share request, it should be done on your part.
(1 Reply)
KenjiArionFelix Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2022  Student Digital Artist
Thanks so much for the cooperation, I will submit the architecture art there Nod 
KenjiArionFelix Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2022  Student Digital Artist
hello greeting, I wonder what is the different between inkscape version 32 and 64 bits?
LazurURH Featured By Owner Oct 24, 2022
Hi there.
Generally speaking because I'm not a developer.
If you have a 32bit operating system, you cannot run the64bit version.
If your operating system is using 64bits, it should be able to run both the 64bit and 32bit versions in theory.
It is suggested to use whichever version your operating system claims to be.
A 64bit version means the operating system breaks down the tasks into twice as large of chunks for your pc to compute. Does it affect performance? Yes and no.
It still depends on the hardware you use, and how the program you run is optimised
for that certain hardware and operating system.
As far as I know/suspect there shouldn't be a large change in performance
if you use a 32bit version on a 64bit operating system (why would you do that though?).
Inkscape is notorious for bad performance. Not using gpu most of the time and using only one thread of the cpu. It may run faster on a linux environment though.
If you want a more detailed answer maybe ask the developers at #team_devel on the live chat at
KenjiArionFelix Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2022  Student Digital Artist
Aww thanks so much for the tip, 64 and 32 bits are like operating system so I need to check my operation system bits before download :happybounce:
LazurURH Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2022
You are welcome!
(1 Reply)
PCX-Art Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2022   General Artist
I was going to get the portable app's version of Inkscape, but there's 2 versions listed "Inkscape" and "Inkscape Release Candidate" What's the difference?
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