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I did a thing by InkSansPaints I did a thing :iconinksanspaints:InkSansPaints 7 2 Duel1 by InkSansPaints Duel1 :iconinksanspaints:InkSansPaints 2 0 Shot2 by InkSansPaints Shot2 :iconinksanspaints:InkSansPaints 1 0 New Look by InkSansPaints New Look :iconinksanspaints:InkSansPaints 2 0 Kiki - Mental Asylum by InkSansPaints Kiki - Mental Asylum :iconinksanspaints:InkSansPaints 2 0 Kiki - Mental Asylum by InkSansPaints Kiki - Mental Asylum :iconinksanspaints:InkSansPaints 0 1 HelpTale-How Ema met Meg2 by InkSansPaints HelpTale-How Ema met Meg2 :iconinksanspaints:InkSansPaints 3 2 Jhon Laurens by InkSansPaints Jhon Laurens :iconinksanspaints:InkSansPaints 3 2 Alexander Hamilton by InkSansPaints Alexander Hamilton :iconinksanspaints:InkSansPaints 4 2 For Cutie by InkSansPaints For Cutie :iconinksanspaints:InkSansPaints 2 0 Ten Ouda Ten by InkSansPaints Ten Ouda Ten :iconinksanspaints:InkSansPaints 2 0 Bendy Speedpaint3 by InkSansPaints Bendy Speedpaint3 :iconinksanspaints:InkSansPaints 1 2 Takiama by InkSansPaints Takiama :iconinksanspaints:InkSansPaints 0 0 Error Axis CP by InkSansPaints Error Axis CP :iconinksanspaints:InkSansPaints 2 0 Zorben by InkSansPaints Zorben :iconinksanspaints:InkSansPaints 1 4 The Reynolds Pamphlet by InkSansPaints The Reynolds Pamphlet :iconinksanspaints:InkSansPaints 2 12


Protective|Robbie x Reader (Apocalypse AU)
"Shit..I hope this is enough.." You grumbled as you inserted a new tank into your flamethrower. It was your last one and you had to be certain you made good use of it.
But with the horde of zombies slowly crowding  around just hoped to whatever god was out there that it would be enough. Your safe haven wasn't too far away, although the problem was that some of these bastards ran pretty damn fast.
You've seen quite a few running around like chickens with their heads cut off-
Oh wait.
That's exactly what they were.
Even if they couldn't bite you, their chipped, bloody, and gritty nails could still leave marks in your skin and give you other nasty infections.
As if you weren't worried enough about the zombie virus...
It amazed you how, so far, you managed to survive and take down waves of zombies considering you were a lone wolf. All of your friends either went their separate ways, turned, or put bullets through their skulls the moment they were bitten.
:iconclanwarrior:ClanWarrior 118 83
Fanfic Moments. by KittyLilyHeart Fanfic Moments. :iconkittylilyheart:KittyLilyHeart 33 14
Together Forever|Robbie x Zombie!Reader
The zombie screeched loudly, pounding furiously on the door that was sealed shut by magic as hard as he possibly could.
You were in there...and he wanted to see you....he needed to see you.
All he wanted was to see if you were okay.
So why were the others denying him such a simple request?
At some point during the day, he had lost control of himself and, when you attempted to calm him....he ended up ripping your arm off. But by the time everyone else arrived at the scene....they found the zombie, covered in blood and sobbing over your corpse, pleading for you to wake up.
But the good doctor knew that you wouldn't wake up...ever. You had lost too much blood in such a short span of time.
Then Marvin spoke up, saying that he could possibly bring you back....but to do so he would have to tap into the dark arts--the type of magic he was reluctant to try since it always came with a price, especially if it was being used to interfere with the cycle of
:iconclanwarrior:ClanWarrior 128 45
Someone New|Jameson Jackson x Reader
"'re the new guy from Jack's pumpkin carving video?"
Blinking several times, the man in the blue vest spun around, his eyebrows shooting up in surprise when he saw you standing in front of him.
After a few moments of silence, he nodded his head in response to your question, giving you a kind smile and sticking his hand out.
Curiously enough, this man didn't speak at all....just like how he didn't say a word in that video...
Perhaps he was mute?
But you simply smiled back at him and shook his hand, not wanting to be rude. "Well I'm [y/n]. A good friend of Jack. It's a pleasure to meet you, sir." You introduced yourself. "Do you...happen to have a name as well?"
The reason you had asked him such a question was were unsure of what his name was exactly. You remember seeing all sorts of names going around for the man.
He blinked several times at you, before his smile returned and he nodded. Snapping his fingers, a small notepad and pen appeared in a puff of white smoke
:iconclanwarrior:ClanWarrior 155 72
Silent Meeting (Jameson Jackson X Reader)
Soft voices, quiet classy music, and the scent of coffee filled Jameson’s senses. He loved this cafe.
It was a small shop but it had been themed after Sherlock Holmes so it felt like everything in the store was a vintage collectible.
She was here again.
Every day at exactly noon.
He assumed it was her work break or something since she always wore the same thing.
He thinks that she works at some clothing store down the street since that was the direction she always came from and she was always wearing a name tag that had the company name on it.
He got a chance to read it once.
She never wore her hair up. It was always down, covering her ears and hiding a lot of her face.
However, if he was lucky, he’d catch her moving it away from her pretty face to reveal her warm smile and kind eyes.
He, however, wasn’t sure if he had ever heard her speak.
He wondered what her voice sounded like.
He knew he’d never be able to have a proper vocal conversation w
:iconhopelessly-dreaming:Hopelessly-Dreaming 48 19
My remedy (Dr. Schneeplestien X Reader)
Your phone buzzed, the screen read ‘The Good Docta!’ aka Henrik. You pick up
“Guten tag, [Y/N].” Henrik said, I immediately notice his rather exhausted and depressed tone
“You ok? Another long day at the clinic?”
“Ja...zhat’s all” He responded “You’re not busy, right?”
“No, wanna come over?” I asked knowing that I’ll ask him if he needs to talk
“Henrik? You there?”
“J-ja, I’ll see you soon”
“Ok, I’ll be up in my room”
“Gotcha, I’m on my vay.” And with that, you hung up
You gave Jameson and Henrik a set of my house keys so whenever they need to get away from the catastrophe that is the septiceye household, they can come here.
20 minutes later, you hear a knock on your door
“It’s open” You say, schneep opens the door and starts making his
:iconshadowfire2288:Shadowfire2288 1 0
The Gift (Marvin the Magician x reader)
// whoop whoop! Second piece of literature and I am pumped!//
The Gift (Marvin the Magician x Reader)
Growing up, you've always had a passion for art. You loved to draw, paint, sculpt, you name it. One obstacle that's always been in your life however, is color. You suffered from Monochromacy or Monochromatism, which basically meant you perceived all color as shades of grey. On countless times your friends had tried to explain what color is.
"Red is like.... heat. Blue is like... ice." Jack once tried to explain.
"Can something blue be hot though? Can something red be frozen?" You asked, confused. Jack opened his mouth and closed it.
"Brown is like the trunk of a tree, I guess." Anti once said.
"Are all trees brown?" You countered. 
"Well no, b-but...." Anti couldn't think of a good way to explain.
"What about blue like the sky?" Chase suggested.
"Is the sky always blue?" You asked again. Chase bit his lip and shook his head.
"Green..... like..... leaves..." Robbie pi
:iconmake-it-like-kate-2:Make-It-Like-Kate-2 4 1
Only An Accident|Marvin x Reader x Antisepticeye
"And for my next trick....I need a volunteer. So who is brave enough to step up and join me, hmm~?"
The magician spoke in a suave, charming voice, his blue eyes shimmering behind his mask as they surveyed the group sitting before him.
You simply chuckled, shaking your head in amusement.
Even when it was just you and the Septic egos sitting in the living room, Marvin would put on his best show as though he was performing in front of hundreds of spectators. Heck, he even had a tuxedo on this time, in which the black suit seemed to glitter with silver. And, of course, he always wore his trusty black cape.
He apparently has mastered a few more spells over the course of a few weeks, and only now did he want you to see what he had learned, thus summoning all of you to the living room.
But when he asked for a volunteer, it was clear that the others did not want to take part, half because Marvin had a habit of messing up and half because they had no idea what he was planning to do.
However, yo
:iconclanwarrior:ClanWarrior 160 25
Just Believe|Marvin the Magician x Reader
" said you don't believe in magic, huh?"
Looking up from your book, you saw Marvin, one of Jack's egos, standing in front of you with a smirk on his face. Knowing him, that could only mean one thing.
He was gonna try to show you another silly "magic" trick.
But to be frank, you didn't understand why he even bothered trying. While it might've been cool as a child, you were grown up now and have come to the realization that magic was just a ridiculous way of explaining things that science cannot.
To put it simply, it was all smoke and mirrors to you.
"I told you, Marvin...I don't." You sighed, before setting down your book and standing up to go elsewhere.
But as you turned to leave the room, Marvin suddenly slid in front of you, his black cape fluttering as he did so. "Maybe this will convince you otherwise," he stated with determination as he put his hand out, muttering a spell under his breath.
Raising an eyebrow, you looked behind you and saw the book levitating just a few feet
:iconclanwarrior:ClanWarrior 130 47
Reaching for Freedom - Niko Wirachman by WolfsBane54 Reaching for Freedom - Niko Wirachman :iconwolfsbane54:WolfsBane54 9 0 And he saw the light ... by Asitir And he saw the light ... :iconasitir:Asitir 86 4 Here was Anti by Asitir Here was Anti :iconasitir:Asitir 91 4 Last chance by Asitir Last chance :iconasitir:Asitir 94 7 Gift by Asitir Gift :iconasitir:Asitir 231 22 Let's go home! by Asitir Let's go home! :iconasitir:Asitir 111 8 Merry Christmas, gentlemen! by Asitir Merry Christmas, gentlemen! :iconasitir:Asitir 103 4
I'm kinda bored and I was wondering if anyone had any requests for me! Sorry for my English..It's kinda poor....


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