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My first ever Etsy store is now OPEN!!! Check out my wares, traveler, I'll be adding more soon!

Check out the teaser trailer for book 1 of Spectral Lakes!
Doing fully colored and shaded chibi commissions for $35! Note me to order!
Chibi Peni Parker by InkRose98 Chibi SpiderGwen by InkRose98 Peter B. Parker Chibi by InkRose98
Check out my Redbubble store here!…
I'm selling my work on t-shirts, prints, and more!
Opening commissions for chibi characters! I can do both OCs and canon characters!
Line Art: $45
Flat Color: $50
Shaded: $60
Wolfie Chibi by InkRose98 Imogen Chibi by InkRose98

Note me for more info!
Opening up 2 commission slots! $35 for a colored bipedal/humanoid character sketch, and $20 for a colored pony or simple Pokemon character! Note me for more details! :)

Examples of pony characters: 
SteelGlassKenney Commission by InkRose98 Cobalt Fossil Commission  by InkRose98

Examples of bipedal characters:……

Check them all out here:







More info here!…
Hey there dudes! I had to remake the Spectral Lakes webtoon page in order to enter the cool new Webtoon contest! The new page for my comic is here, be sure to follow this new one for updates!……
Doing a commission stream!
This super cute to icon of Aelwen was commissioned from  :iconr-no71:
Probably gonna be keeping this one on for the foreseeable future. ;P
At BronyCon, I'll be selling my books and prints at booth #116, and sharing with Flutterkat's Stitch Crafts.
Hope to see you there!
Heyo! If you're an artist that loves drawing dragons or you know of an artist who does, I am looking for good dragon artists to either commission or do art trades with for my OC, Aelwen!
Aelwen Rough Sketches by InkRose98
Skeptical by InkRose98
My finalized updated reference for her full body is coming soon, first I want to scout out for artists.
If you are interested or have a recommendation, comment below!

Do you like to help edit/write on fandom wikis? Well, I need your help because I'm a noob at it!
The Dragon Queen wiki is now up and running! Feel free to contribute and help me actually get this thing going!…
Hey there, I'm selling some of my collection of Funko pony figures because I need some money to pay off my new laptop for college. I've got the Mane Six, Trixie, Lyra and Bon Bon, Spitfire, and Vinyl and Octavia for sale!
Check them out here if you are interested:…

Dragon Queen: Scarlet Reign is now Available!!!

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Check out the animated trailer here:
The paperback version is available here:…
The Kindle version is here:…