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Heather Tulire


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Dragon Queen: Lady Nailah of the Sphinx

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Lament of the Hero

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Lament of the Hero Page 3 Preview


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Transformers:The New Recruit 20

Atasi looked at her metal hand, making it into a fist and back again. She sat on a pipe in a back room of the Autobot base, thinking sad thoughts. Then she thought of how the metal people changed from vehicle to robot, and started wondering if... she could do it as well. Looking down at her legs, she saw wheels attached to them, and car doors on her back. A windshield spanned across her chest. Hmm... Ania transformed and zoomed out of the base. She had to find Bumblebee. Finding his tracks embedded in the dirt, she followed those through the thick forest. Little did she know, Bulkhead, Arcee, and Optimus were following her, not wanting her

Transformers Fan Fiction

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A Helping Hand


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