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World of Dragon Queen: The Satyrs

Here is some reference/info about the Satyrs in the world of Dragon Queen!
They are excellent climbers, and are frequently seen working in the mines alongside dwarves. A great majority of their homes are high up and/or deep within mountains. Some choose to live in grasslands or around Gardnomph Swamp. Satyrs are incredibly nimble and fast. Many of their sports include head-butting, jumping, and climbing. Their artistic exports are heavily influenced by their culture focusing on carving. Be it stone, wood, or wax, Satyrs love to whip out their chisels and turn hunks of plain objects into works of carved art. Satyr furniture and candles are particularly popular with Eveanoran elite. 
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These are pretty good but if I’m honest the small patches of fur on their stomachs and arms kind of looks like they had a bad hot waxing
No offence
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How would the chairs work tho? I mean their legs have backwards joints sooo..
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Really love your style, Ink :)
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wow this looks really cool
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So. Cool.
It really is amazing how you've created such interesting interpretations of the creatures in your story!
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The anatomies are pretty good, bothe look very unique, and I love the old-timey look you gave the whole thing. Like an illustration in a scroll from the old times.
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Such diversity! <3
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That female looks awfully familiar... ;)
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She looks like Aelwen, me thinks
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They look amazing 😍😍😍
BlackAce-of-Spade's avatar
Nice! This is for your novel?
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