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The Golden Dragon (Updated)

The following contains spoilers for Dragon Queen: Scarlet Reign!





So this is the design of Gerel's dragon form! Unlike Aelwen's design, Gerel's (and subsequently the designs of the Koana in general) are based on Eastern dragons. Thus, they have manes of hair where Aelwen has spines. They also have longer bodies and tails, branching horns, tendril-like eyebrows, and are also able to have tendril mustache things. You know what I'm talking about, most Asian dragons have them!

Anyway, some traits here are also representative of male dragons, such as chin spikes, more muscular bodies, and different eyebrows. I'll expand more on this later.

This took a ton of work, I've been slaving away at it for the past couple of days while binging Rick and Morty. I hope you enjoy!

EDIT: Made his body longer, added wing claws, thickened his snout and added a new nose.
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I love it soooo much can't wait tell I get the Real book
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This is so funny. I JUST finished up that chapter and was blown away. Now having the visual part of this is still amazing!
SparkleScribe02's avatar
Wow! I love this so much!
FiredragonX89's avatar
Sweet! I was waiting for Gerel's dragon form!
DotsofLight's avatar
He's AWESOME!!!!!
StardustAstro's avatar
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Wow, it's amazing! I like how you differentiated the types of dragons depending on their original race as humans. This just makes me gush of all the designs you've come up with, and what more you have up your sleeve.

Do you think you could draw more types of dragons, like the feathered ones, or even the wingless ones?

(Yes, there are wingless dragons aside from the Eastern ones. I forgot what they were called, but they actually breathe poison instead of fire that can paralyze their preys) 
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gerel looks so badass :3
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I really dig the Eastern dragon influences, but he still looks like the same species as the other dragons we've seen. Just the right amount of differences and similarities.
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b e a u t i f u l    s o  n
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I thought that was him! Looks wonderful! I love all the details you put in! :)
Indigo-Steel's avatar
So Koanan dragons look different? Fascinating! Does this mean we might see the likes of feathered Aztec dragons or serpent-like African dragons?
Malzerwarth's avatar
Truly Phenomenal!!!
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I would recommend exaggerating the length of the body just a wee bit more though. I didn't really notice many of the Eastern vs. Western differences between his and Aelwen's builds until you pointed them out.

Still looks awesome though! I hope we'll get to see him transform in the book (I know the whole thing's available for reading, but I prefer listening to the audio chapters first. :) )
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Thanks! You're right, I probably should. I was thinking that the older a Koanan dragon gets, the more the body is exaggerated. I'm actually going to make some videos on these little things related to my dragons soon ^_^
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Also I whipped up some experimental sketches because dragon, so you can look and see if you like them. Though don't feel pressured to make any changes if you don't want to, of course; I just wanted to play around a bit. :)

Color of Canaan aka GEREL ANGST by NattiKay   Drgns by NattiKay
I will probably color at least the second one later...but not right now because I've procrastinated what I'm supposed to be doing right now long enough, so I guess I'd better go get to it. : P
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The reason I don't put the extra claw on their wings is mostly because I am using that design element uniquely for the wyverns. I do like them though, especially the way you use them :)
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I usually put them in because I treat the wings like a second pair of arms, each of the long bits being fingers, the extra claw being the thumb. It feels weird to draw those kind of wings without it. ^^"
InkRose98's avatar
That's a good point, I might just start adding them.
NattiKay's avatar
You don't have to if you don't want to; it's not like it's a required part of dragon anatomy, haha. It's just how I'm accustomed to drawing it. :)
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Ooh these are super cute <3
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