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The Golden Dragon (Updated)



The following contains spoilers for Dragon Queen: Scarlet Reign!





So this is the design of Gerel's dragon form! Unlike Aelwen's design, Gerel's (and subsequently the designs of the Koana in general) are based on Eastern dragons. Thus, they have manes of hair where Aelwen has spines. They also have longer bodies and tails, branching horns, tendril-like eyebrows, and are also able to have tendril mustache things. You know what I'm talking about, most Asian dragons have them!

Anyway, some traits here are also representative of male dragons, such as chin spikes, more muscular bodies, and different eyebrows. I'll expand more on this later.

This took a ton of work, I've been slaving away at it for the past couple of days while binging Rick and Morty. I hope you enjoy!

EDIT: Made his body longer, added wing claws, thickened his snout and added a new nose.
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