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TRUE Equality (WIP)

By InkRose98
Iffy on the name for this one. What name do you think fits this picture most? Suggest your own!

Some of my ideas:
"There Are No Princesses in Our Kingdom"
"What We're Trying to Accomplish"
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... Well isn't that the scariest group of MLP faces I've seen in years.
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If she was still bad at the end of Season 5, starlight could have been beaten in the friendship games
ColonelBSacquet's avatar
What ... why are the Princesses' cutie marks here??
WhitePhoenix1999's avatar
I'd prefer being able to know how to move my own f*cking body, thank you very much.
Mesiagamer's avatar
Goldendoctor's avatar
Starlight Glimmer: Join us and be happy forever

Me: NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE SO MUCH NOPE :iconnopenopenopenopeplz: (trips on a copy of Sonic 06 and falls down the stares) DAMN YOU SONIC 06 :iconfealsplz:
Negaboss2000's avatar
Stan takes a bath Ok, i've heard enough, soos broom.

Starlight Glimmer - Shocked OH NO NOT THE BROOM!!!
Goldendoctor's avatar
Me: Oh You are so doomed
Negaboss2000's avatar
Starlight Glimmer (Nervous Smile) mlp season 6 Erm........heheheh, I think I've got to go no.........

Negaboss2000's avatar
Starlight Glimmer (Shocked) mlp season 6 Now, l.....le.......let's be reasonable about this.

Goldendoctor's avatar
Me: There is no being reasonable about this ... There is only act
Negaboss2000's avatar
Starlight Glimmer (I CREATED HARMONY!) plz Very well then, Bring it on you old man!!!!!!

I said NOW! [icon commission] Get over here you little madam!!!!!
D4RKPH0N1X's avatar
its more creppy in black and white
alexwarlorn's avatar
"Now the sun and moon, day and night, are truly equal like they've always wanted."
babzy-stacey-2013's avatar
maybe something like 'THIS is EQUALITY!'
CyberRidley's avatar
I like the sound of calling it "There are no Princesses in Our Kingdom", sounds a little like something Andrew Ryan would say.
Starfall12's avatar
Maybe you could have the title as one of these:
:bulletblue:"Even nature itself will join our cause"
:bulletblue:"For the sake of equality"
:bulletblue:"Don't worry, it's all for your own good"

But then again the title you used here "TRUE equality" really fits perfectly anyway so you would be fine just using that.
Lyoko-fan's avatar
Way to go Starlight. You just royally f*cked Equestria.
warriorcatz17453's avatar
Whoa, she took Princess Luna's and Princess Celestia's cutie mark, OoO! Great art btw, add some color then it would be amazing!:happybounce: 
StellatheFox26's avatar
I would honestly say that Starlight DEFINITELY looks like she's lost it. Now where did I put that straight-jacket? XD JK
Mephis-Takagashi's avatar
Those faces. D8

Surpassing similar statutes synchrony and harmony?
Elegiac equality elongated euphemistically effluence?

Attachable Alliteration hurts awes absurdly. A lot.
omgcat21isawesome's avatar
I think ''What We're Trying To Accomplish'' Would be a good title :)
Indigo-Steel's avatar
I wonder...if Starlight can take cutie marks away...can she apply them to others? Could she apply multiple cutie marks to herself? Like having a stable version of the cutie pox, stealing the skills of others, to become perfection unto herself?

What if she somehow managed to steal the cutie marks of the Royal Alicorns and apply them to herself?

This wouldn't bode well for the good guys, would it?
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