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Star Guardian Taliyah WIP

By InkRose98
A Star Guardian skin concept for Taliyah! 
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Ink, I gotta say, if I could only mention one remarkably great thing about your art, it's certainly how they show your creative side in the best way. I certainly have astonishment for how you can come up with such unique and creative designs on outfits, satire on the princess look, and just how you make character designs aesthetically pleasing in your style. If one thing's for sure, you've certainly shown me many new levels of ingenious art.
Really nice concept
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wow not only a great writer and story teller but artist inkroes senpai for the win yay
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I like this! I think Tali would a great sixth ranger for the Star Guardians. My question is how would they meet? 
I like to think Taliyah is the strongest guardian born from the first star thats why i aways think yellow is her collor, and she travels across the universe in a comet or shooting star (her passive) as  hunting down the fallen star guardian. Next year i hope we get Tali as 'sixth ranger' (she will be a transfer student and join the squad) and some dar star guardians.
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that is very beautiful my sister.
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You want to hear something kind of odd? Thematically Taliyah would make sense for a Star Guardian, because stars start off surrounded by cosmic dust. 

It's the same reason I thought Janna made sense, cosmic winds and galaxies as we know them sometimes have a spiraling storm like shape. Not so sure about the other three, but I do like the look of this 'sixth ranger'.
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beurtiful...of curse it'sstar guardian XD that's the name of a magical girl series i made up YEARS ago. the outfit is much better then i made though for the series
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