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More practice drawing dragons! Plus, this illustration will be in the final novel.
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This design is my favourite, really good
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You love updated Aelwen's dragon form do you Ink Rose?
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TheFlamingDonutHobbyist Digital Artist
Really like the wing design. Pretty cool!
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Zalay02Student Traditional Artist
Holy crap, this is so cool! 0.0
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DiBiasiosketch98Hobbyist Digital Artist
OMG this is awesome your so good.😍
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Rewrite98Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Whoa! New updated version. She looks awesome, as always and I can tell you had trouble with her wings. First they were red and transparent and then to green and not. Now her wings are more lose and fits her body as well as see through. Her wings also reminds me of fingers and of those of a bat. I also like that her claws are now green instead of the same color as her scales. Keep it up! Two thumbs way way up....Or claws. :D :D :D
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DuskaDoesArtHobbyist Writer
she's lovely! (or he)
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Nice as always rose. Well done!
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Haha, amazing work!
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Words cannot describe how hyped I am to see this get published. From one aspiring writer to another, I wish you the best of luck, Ink!
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Cute lady dragon ^^

Though her wings look a bit thin.
You sure they won't rip? She does seem to be thinking that too. XD
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pinkponygirl311Hobbyist General Artist
cool. :)
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PioneeringAuthorHobbyist Digital Artist
Man, I never thought transparent dragon wings could be so beautiful!

(Man I need to practice drawing dragons.)

Seriously though, you really did draw the anatomy excellently!
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gizmo01Hobbyist Filmographer
Dragon wings, a natural dress :D
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CalligraphyLegendsStudent General Artist
I love the way you changed her wing design Garnet Emote 4 
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brandonroberts435Hobbyist Writer
cool dragon
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smcho1014Student Traditional Artist
That is one cool Dragon!
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EmeraldBlast63Hobbyist Artist
By the look of her expression, she's like "Wow, nice makeover for my wings."
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StellatheFox26Student Digital Artist
I love the variety of colors you chose for her
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djgill892Hobbyist General Artist
Nice work Clap 
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