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Shev (Dragon Queen)

Shev the Werewolf from Dragon Queen, husband to Dragon Queen: Kera by InkRose98
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Some guys have all the luck. Even with lycanthropy, he's a freakin', scratch that (no pun intended), the lycanthropy made him even better looking!
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I think Ive fallen in love with this design
GoldenRoseTheSilly's avatar
Ooo! He look very interesting! Can't wait to here about him!

Side note, his left arm (our right) looks a little awkward, but I think it's because of his hand, but I'm not sure. But it still looks super awesome despite that!
jillybean711's avatar
I can totally see why Kera likes him so much! <3 He's a rather handsome guy, and he seems nice. Will you ever consider drawing him in his full-fledged werewolf form?
InkRose98's avatar
Indeed, I will at some point, probably just a sketch though :)
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I love the mop of curly hair he has. Makes me wanna run my fingers through his scalp
EmeraldBlast63's avatar
Cool! Shev certainly looks how I imagine him in Dragon Queen, and looking at him this way, if he had a flavor, I'd say perhaps Chocolate Pecan cake?

I say that because Dragon Queen ALWAYS gets me hungry. Hungry for excitement, adventure, and colorful fantasy!

BTW, congrats, Ink! This is my 10,000th favorite! :D
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