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Project Ashe

Huge experiment in terms of painting. I feel like I've improved a lot since Chell by InkRose98
This is Ashe's PROJECT skin from League of Legends.
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This piece has no other word for it but "stunning"! The colours in ashe's outfit work in perfect harmony with the skin and hair. The eye is like the blue sky on a cloudless summer day! I love the skin so much! It blends incredibly smoothly and the shading looks amazing! InkRose98 You really pushed your shading to the limit on this one. The metal in is picture looks incredibly real! I really hope, that in the future this get Deviantation of the day!
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You attempred to sound sophisticated
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:star::star::star::star::star-half: Overall
:star::star::star::star::star: Vision
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I've overall felt the League of Legend series is quite a series full of fantasy, action, excitement, and fun! That is no different from this particular piece. I feel the background and pixelated sections do also give me some kind of "Cyberspace" environmental look, which does seem fitting given the overall look of her armor, weapons, and structure. I certainly feel the shading and details speak for themselves, as they always are eye candy from your style. Aside from visuals, there's certainly also the attention to detail. It was really a nice touch to keep the visual flare based on the armor, colors, and specific details on the design itself, including the cybernetic eye and headset/radio/walkie-talkie (I don't know what to call it). It really does perfectly match the new Project Skin that Ashe has, I feel you nailed everything dead on, what with the overall design, the color schemes, even as far as ideal expression that does fit Ashe. In her normal form, Ashe has always reminded me of Pitt with an ice themed look, but this alternate version certainly does give me another feel for somewhat of a combo between Samus and Metal Gear Snake. Samus because of the expressions and hairstyle, and Snake because of the armor overall. The overall design is without a doubt making me think Ashe has a different form of both a robot and an archer. I might even say that her expression is kinda reminiscent of Chell from Portal as well. But most importantly, this picture still captures everything about her, despite this only being a headshot view, we don't see the rest of the armor, what weapon she's holding, or any other background features, but that's what really makes it great. It shows how you drew her in a way that still captures who she truly is in this new skin even with a limited view of her. This "portrait" certainly astonishes me for many other different reasons. I was completely astonished by everything the piece comes across as visually! The attention to detail and effort put into everything, from design, concept, and visuals were just perfect! Even the background and theme for her are a complete love letter to this particular skin of her, even fitting in the entire concept for League of Legends! I might add, the background pixelated sections do kinda make me think of an old style video game, which does make sense as previously mentioned, reminiscent of a cyberspace like environment, it all really comes together with her design and seems quite fitting. Another job well done, Ink! You say you feel this is an improvement from your old Chell pic, but I don't feel that. I KNOW that it is without a doubt a major improvement. Absolutely everything comes together to make me feel this is a true depiction of League of Legends, so much devotion to one particular skin of a certain character, and everything coming down to what certainly is... a true piece of art. So without a doubt, Ink, keep it up. This here is certainly evidence that you will constantly become better as an artist, and as an inspiration.
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I definitely appreciate your support and enthusiasm!
however, I think labeling the picture as perfect is an overexaggeration, I know that my work is far from perfect, though it is now at a professional level. What I really need is honest criticism, though I really am glad you love my work!
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Love your art style and the way you painted it. Also, the background is pretty cool. :D
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whoooooaaaaa, nice 
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Nice overwatch ANA skin riot... And soldier 76 skin LUCIAN. And genji skin PROJECT YI. I am telling you IT'S TOO SIMILAR 
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Oh wow. What a beautifully designed illustration, it leaves me at a loss for words! I absolutely adore your artstyle, I just can't wait to see more! :)
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It's beautiful Ink! You really did a wonderful job capturing Ashe's look.
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Wow. Just wow. So gorgeous
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