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Princess Aelwen (Dragon Form Redesign)

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By InkRose98   |   
I have finally finished the updated design for Aelwen's dragon form! This took quite a bit of work, and I still have to fully shade it later.
As a side note, this waa my first time using the photoshop add on Lazy Nazumi. It helped me out a TON making smooth, consistent line work.

The biggest changes to her design were the little wing claws and webbing added to the tail in order to help her steer in the air. (like a bird's tailfeathers)

What do you think??
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Star3FireHobbyist General Artist
What do I think? I think you should read Wings of Fire.
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MiaMagdalenaStudent Traditional Artist
The colors are gorgeous!!
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MorcegoCinzentoHobbyist Traditional Artist
i really enjoy the work you gave on the scales and the translucid skin on the wings
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I like this version of her the most
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StardustAstroHobbyist General Artist
nicely done i love all the detail 
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tophxomiHobbyist General Artist
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Magnificent!! :happybounce:  
Aelwen's design is quickly shaping up to be one of my favourite dragon depictions in fantasy fiction. 
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AduroTriProfessional Writer
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very well done
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djgill892Hobbyist General Artist
Nice work Clap 
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Jack-MoHobbyist Digital Artist
This is excellent!
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JAAMTheArtistHobbyist Filmographer
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PonyRushy1098Hobbyist Digital Artist

Time to draw a drawing on Aelwen & Aelwen's dragon's form.
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MalachytheShadeStudent Artist
Simply Beautiful!!!
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EmeraldBlast63Hobbyist Artist
Definitely thinking you got a massive improvement in terms of her design and overall signature features! The amount of time and effort really shows, and definitely makes your series extremely rewarding with the visuals, writing, and character development. Good luck with Dragon Queen when you write the second novel, I can't wait to see what brilliant storytelling you have in store for the future!
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Oh wow, wasn't expecting such a cool color scheme with the teal :D
Outstanding work!
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DuskbrdarkfangHobbyist General Artist
i love the detail and can't wait to read the book once iget the money though i have heard the  audio version on your youtube channel and so far i love it! <3 keep up the great work!
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DiBiasiosketch98Hobbyist Digital Artist
Aelwen's new design is fantastic, she's evolved so much. 😍😍😍😍
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raja1057Hobbyist General Artist
looks nice
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Spirit--ProductionsProfessional General Artist
Certainly a nice improvement! (Also, "Lazy Nazumi?" I assume that's some sort of plugin that works similarly to the Paint Tool Sai Line Stabilizer)
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fredreindl2019Student General Artist
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InkRose98Professional Digital Artist
Yes, indeed.
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Spirit--ProductionsProfessional General Artist
Do you get it through Adobe, or is it a third party plugin?
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