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Map of Eveanor (Dragon Queen)

The map of the world of Dragon Queen
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Love the map 😃
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I Love your landmass layout!
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I have to agree how you actually did this, been trying to make a map of my Terra world for awhile >n<
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how did you do this?
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you know what I find to be the most incredible thing. Everything I've read up to so far has only happened in that tiny segment in the northwest. Meaning that there's still an entire world literally TEN TIMES the size of the part I've already seen just waiting to be explored...'ve got big plans haven't you?

Either way, great sketch and great geography, this really looking like an immersive universe now
TheArmaniCode's avatar
excellent! looking forward to it!
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Good map, though I'm wondering how big is this landmass and how big is the planet?  Its just the small number of settlements suggest its small but then the three different climates suggest its very big.  How far is this landmass to the equator?  Also is this the main continental landmass or an isolated island like Greenland, Britain, Iceland ect?
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I was thinking the size of Europe. I simply haven't filled out all the cities yet. Not enough space for all that text at this point :P
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Hmmm; the Auria believers really are on the brink, aren't they? And I didn't realize this earlier, but I don't think we've seen that much of the world in the first story. We started in the Capitol, went to Ceruby City, then the Koanan camp and finally Clovendale.

With such a vast world, it's going to be interesting to see where the characters go, I'd love to see them go sailing around Kelpie's lagoon fighting pirates!

I wouldn't be surprised if the number of red spots on the map starts to increase with each subsequent books. ;)
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Makes me think Lord of The Rings, not entirely sure why.
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well, some of it was inspired on LotR
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This is great! From the names and locations alone I'm seeing potential for quests and adventure galore!
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i see most artist already drawn out maps and i got nothing, i should do something bout that  
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If I had the money, I'd pay you for a map.
StormDragon-MLP's avatar
An incredible job on the map there!
CatchyArtz's avatar
Dang, this looks like an official map for a legit book series. Nice work!
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I'd love to know more about Kelpie's Lagoon and the Turtleshell Mountains.
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Whale's Landing.
MLP-Zipplebit's avatar
I do not see Temmie Village.
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curious about the Kelpie Lagoon...

LOVE kelpies
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Wow.............. VERY NICELY DONE!!!

I can see everything about Dragon Queen as imagined within this picture! Starting with the Karrove Woods, The Gardnomph Swamp, the Dafflehide Forest, AND The Noir Moutains, without a doubt, spot on accurate to how I imagined these settings in the story itself! Running this world throughout these various locations certainly proves there's real dedication to this whole project!

The only thing I'd wonder is whether or not Aelwen and Gerel will at one point get to see this kind of map, or would that be breaking the fourth wall, as this map is only meant to be seen by the reader? Mysterious... and I love it!
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