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Kindred and Amumu (League of Legends Fanart)

Fanart of one of my favorite League of Legends champions, Kindred.
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I suppose in Amumu's position, nothingness is preferable.
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Come on, he just wants a hug man! D:
That's right, put the snivelling twerp out of his misery...
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omg i love kindred she is mah fav 
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*Puts hand on Amumu's shoulder* Well, I'm sorry to say, she's right,'s time to go. *turns to Kindred* Okay, go ahead, just try to make it quick and painl-HOLY $#!@ IT'S IMHOTEP, HE'S RETURNED AGAIN!!

Kindred: *Spins around to look, drawing bow* WHAT!? WHERE!?


Kindred: AARRRRGH!! *gives chase*…

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Thanks! I aim to entertain!
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Good god kindred let the kid find out who he is, and why he's the only one of his family alive first.
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wait, isn't amumu already dead? he just have ton of arrows sticking out of him
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Part of me almost visualizes Annie standing in Kindred's way, trying to protect Amumu... I'm too dedicated to the Annie and Amumu ship.
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I'm terrified & amazed.
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I think Amumu would be glad to have his curse ended.

I absolutely love Kindred's design. Whoever made them needs to get a raise or something.

But their characters are both sad and beautiful, having split themselves "down the middel" just to always have a friend. I just keep wondering what they were like as one.
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"Time to....end this."
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Well... That's both disturbing and awesome.
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Poor kid...looks like he's in dire straights
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Yea, Kindred is League's equivalent to the Grimm Reaper. 
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So, it's both sinister and calming at the same time
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Uh... dang Ink. that's pretty bad ass. hah.
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Nice Art Style...

Though I personally feel this picture would be pretty fitting had Link been sitting in that corner.
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