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Kiashone Commission

A commission for :iconkiashone:'s brother.
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OMG this... THIS... Brilliant! Freakazoid is the BEST!
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I absolutely love this, and I regret not seeing this image until now! :D

I need some sleep...:faint:
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Really good work, here!
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Freakazoid! Good old memorys when this show came aired on warner 4kids
usalpendragon's avatar
I've seen this crossover before somewhere ...…
but i like yours better 
raja1057's avatar
I forgot that character that looks like the Joker
Lanydx's avatar
And those two are going to have a lot of fun together.
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Wow, discord looks amazing!! You did a great job drawing him!
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I'm not an MLP Fan, but as a girl who grew up watching Freakazoid, and someone who has knowledge of Discord (since I follow Josh Scorcher), this is glorious. And for some odd reason, this needs to happen. Just imagine the chaos and insanity!
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A ponified Freakazoid! 
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Hey, its freakzoid!  I remember that show, my favorite villain was candlejack, you know that guy who always kidnaps people who say his name before they can finish their se---
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My brother really loves it! ^W^ He can't wait for John De Lancie to sign is while he is in his Freazoid cosplay.
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DA MAGIKS!!!!!!!
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Freakazoid! I miss that show. I wasn't even born then. lol!
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You drew them both very well, Ink. :)
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Your technique is so smooth so elegant.
It's incredible!
Tin-Foil-Hat-101's avatar
Haven't seen Freakazoid in a LONG time.
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Why did have to change The Hub to the horrid Discovery Family?  If they kept it The Hub, Freakazoid would have been a good choice to put on there.
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