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Jane Florence

Character illustration for Dragon Queen
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A Mechanic fairy, nice!
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Wonderful work! :) If I may constructively nitpick, the down-angle portion of the wrench is a bit off. I recommend that the crescent curve be slightly deeper and slimmer.

Also, I want to recommend an old PC game on GOG called Arcanum: Of Steamworks and Magic Obscura for fun and/or inspiration.
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Looks like grandma!The Annoying Orange laughing 
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Beautiful! Those colors are just... Wow. With a background, that would be an amazing print!
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I knew she looked familiar. She is from the steampunk comic you wanted to start a long time. Loving the redesign and the implementation into Dragon Queen.
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I love how you took the idea of a winged girl. You kept the elegance and beauty that we look for in this ideal, but challenged our thinking by completely changing what we would except of her ensemble.
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teach me senpai!
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Putting quite the detail in the wings and hair = ALL MY YES.

Ink, I gotta say, you are quite the factory when it comes to attention to detail, effort, and lots of saturation when it comes to the color scheme. Quite the combo that I almost never see in art anywhere else. This final piece based on your last sketch really demonstrates your true talent and creativity!
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that is very beautiful my sister.
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The wings are GLORIOUS!!!
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